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American Farm Bureau Federation 2013 Annual Report

Message From AFBF President Bob Stallman

Farm Bureau was founded 95 years ago to be a voice for farmers and ranchers and to do for them what they could not do on their own – achieve national solutions to their challenges and help them realize more opportunities to grow, be productive and be profitable.

Today, Farm Bureau is more than 6 million members strong. We are the nation’s largest general farm organization, successfully representing all types of farmers and ranchers.

In 2013, AFBF influenced the national policy agenda on behalf of the nation’s 2.2 million farmers and ranchers. The farm bill was enacted in early 2014, and the House and Senate both have passed the Water Resources Development Act. The agricultural labor issue has progressed further than it has in the more than 10 years policymakers have debated the reforms that are needed. No other group has equaled our policy success over the last year.

In addition, we have expanded our organization through new business endeavors, we are increasing our involvement in rural development and leadership development, and we are working to increase the value of Farm Bureau membership.

Americans are talking more about the impact of agriculture on our economy and our lives. They increasingly care about who grows what they eat. This is an opportunity for Farm Bureau to have an even greater impact on public opinion and the policy agenda.

This report outlines some of the ways in which Agriculture Has Impact, not only in 2013, but looking forward to 2014 and beyond.

Bob Stallman

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