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Farm Bureau’s Agricultural Contact Team (FBACT) is the American Farm Bureau Federation’s grassroots action network. When we reach out to Congress, we impact the decisions they make.

FBACT advances agricultural and rural interests by connecting members of Congress to those people who matter most – their constituents.

Tips on Becoming an Effective Agricultural Advocate

Passing legislation that supports our issues is a challenging process that require active participation by our members.

Send a Letter to Your Legislator
As a constituent, your lawmakers and political appointees know that you are the key to their understanding of issues important to you. They want and need to hear from you on issues you consider important. read more »

Place a Phone Call
When you need to get in touch with your lawmaker immediately, and don’t have the time to craft a letter or email, that’s when it’s time to use the most common method of communicating with your lawmakers – make a telephone call! read more »

Meet Them Face to Face
By far, the most effective way to articulate your views to your elected officials and positively affect the outcome of legislation and of policy debates is to speak with lawmakers face to face. read more »

Write a Letter to the Editor
You can send letters to the editors to many newspapers via email rather than hand-writing them. Go to our online Legislative Action Center to find media outlets in your area, and send them a message. It only takes a minute. read more »