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October 2005

America’s Heartland: A Celebration of U.S. Agriculture

Bob Stallman
American Farm Bureau
By Bob Stallman
President, American Farm Bureau

Once in awhile something so noteworthy comes along, you have to sit back and wonder why it wasn’t thought of before. This month, a number of public television stations across our nation will begin airing America’s Heartland, a weekly national-in-scope program focusing on our love for the land, our fascination with food and the fundamental American values of family, hard work and independence that make our agricultural system the best in the world.

America’s Heartland will celebrate American agriculture and the farm and ranch families who are the backbone of this great nation. Most notably, it will be aimed at urban and suburban residents.

Bridging the Disconnect

It is no secret that most Americans are several generations removed from their agricultural roots. It is our hope that America’s Heartland will help bridge that disconnect by providing an opportunity for consumers to get reacquainted with American farmers and ranchers, the people who produce their food.

It will show the diversity of American agriculture – the variety of operations and people in the profession. Contrary to popular opinion, America’s farms are still predominantly operated by farm families and not large corporations. America’s Heartland will put a face on those families and give them a voice.

As a flagship supporter of the program, the American Farm Bureau Federation will serve as a resource for the show’s producers. America’s Heartland will showcase the many facets of American agriculture and how each component has a direct connection to all Americans, whether it is the food they eat, the clothes they wear or the many household products on which they rely.

Something for Everyone

America’s Heartland will strike a chord with everyone. Whether you are interested in history, food, technology or even Americana, there is something for all to enjoy. From homesteading and the history of the Farmer’s Almanac to modern agricultural uses of biotechnology, the series is groundbreaking – from historical, educational and entertainment perspectives.

Each week, viewers will be invited to venture down our nation’s country roads, across its fields and through its pastures in pursuit of the people, places and products that make American agriculture so unique.

I hope you will saddle up and join us for the journey that is America’s Heartland.

You can learn more about the program and local scheduling by visiting www.americasheartland.org.