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January 2, 2014

Top 10 #AgBlog Posts of 2013 Revealed

By Cyndie Sirekis

Would you like to read interesting posts from bloggers who write about food and farming but are not sure where to find them? Look no further than the AgChat Foundation’s list of Top 10 #AgBlog posts for 2013.

No. 10 was written by Janice Person and posted to A Colorful Adventure: “G is for GMOs – What are GMOs & Why Do Farmers Plant GMO Crops,” http://bit.ly/1cQJtaj.

No. 9 was written by Lauren Arbogast and posted to Paint the Town Ag: “An Inconvenient Inspiration,” http://bit.ly/JpScDI.

No. 8 was written by Jude Capper and posted to Bovidiva: “Activism 101 – How to Write Like An Angry Internet ‘Expert’ on GMOs,” http://bit.ly/JpSjiG.

No. 7 was written by Jodene Shaw and posted to Opened Door: “Broken Dreams and Hearts on the Western Dakota Prairie,” http://bit.ly/1eReRXC.

No. 6 was written by Carrie Mess and posted to The Adventures of…Dairy Carrie: “Sometimes we are Mean to Our Cows,” http://bit.ly/19CAfeN.

No. 5 was written by Alison Bos and posted to My Agventure: “Growing Up on a Farm: 25 Facts About Being a Farm Kid!” http://bit.ly/KheaJg.

No. 4 was written by Emily Webel and posted to Confessions of a Farm Wife: “Day Six: 6 – A Reflection from a Dr. Oz Episode,” http://bit.ly/KfH5Om.

No. 3 was written by Krista Stauffer and posted to The Farmer’s Wife: “I Want Consumers to Feel Farming,” http://bit.ly/1kW7Kxw.

No. 2 was written by Kalu Samuel and posted to Kalusam’s Blog: “Youth Support in Agriculture, Important in Our Time...My Story,” http://bit.ly/1iqk2OV.

No. 1 was written by Jennie Schmidt and posted to FoodieFarmer: “Top 10 Annoying Words About Agriculture,” http://bit.ly/KfHhxd.

Cyndie Sirekis is director of news services at the American Farm Bureau Federation.