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‘Food and Farm Facts’ - A Versatile Resource

HONOLULU, January 8, 2012 – The “Food and Farm Facts” book, grade-specific educator’s guides and related materials are versatile resources for anyone interested in agricultural advocacy and literacy, attendees learned at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 93rd Annual Meeting. A 32-page book featuring color photographs and charts/graphs illustrating interesting facts about agriculture is the centerpiece of the “Food and Farm Facts” series produced by AFBF.

“‘Food and Farm Facts’ was developed with farmers and ranchers in mind,” said Cyndie Sirekis, director of news services at AFBF. “Farmers advocating about agriculture will find the ‘Food and Farm Facts’ book to be a helpful resource when starting conversations with consumers, many of whom have questions about how the food they eat is grown and where it originates.”

Book sections highlight how various foods are produced; agriculture’s shrinking environmental footprint; food consumption and safety; and historical highlights. A map poster showing where major crops and commodities are grown is included with each book.

“‘Food and Farm Facts’ should be in every classroom, boardroom and newsroom,” said Curtis Miller, director of education for the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture. “For the first time, we’re pleased to offer for sale bundles of various Farm Facts materials put together to help tell the story of agriculture to diverse audiences.”

Order items from the “Food and Farm Facts” series online at http://farmfacts.fb.org or http://agfoundation.org. Credit card payments are accepted.


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