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Voters Involvement Will Cure Congress’ Woes

HONOLULU, January 9, 2012 – Agriculture has so far not been an important issue in the 2012 elections, according to Stewart Doan, senior editor at Agri-Pulse Communications, speaking at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 93rd Annual Meeting.

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Unfortunately, a lot of other issues that are important to most Americans haven’t been discussed much in the elections either, he added.

“It’s all been sound-bite rhetoric,” he said. For example, on the subject of immigrant labor, he said few politicians are truly interested in solving the problem of balancing agriculture’s need for a steady supply of immigrant labor with that of protecting America’s borders.

“Neither side wants a solution to this – they want an issue,” he said. The same is generally true regarding numerous other issues as well. “Neither one is interested in the truth – they want issues,” he said.

Doan did make a few predictions, saying that the U.S. Senate will go Republican, and that while the House will stay Republican, Democrats will probably pick up some seats there.

The answer to the problems in Washington is for the middle majority – the voters who aren’t extreme either way – to take a stand and let their elected representatives and candidates know what needs to be done.

“We do get the government we deserve because we don’t get off our duffs” and get involved, Doan said.


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