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News Releases (Index of 2001 Releases)


December 21, 2001 Farm Bureau Members to Gather in Reno
December 14, 2001 Stallman: 'Stalling Tactics' in Senate Jeopardizes Farm Bill
December 7, 2001 Farm Bureau Membership Eclipses 5.1 Million Families
December 6, 2001 Retail Grocery Prices Drop in Fourth Quarter

November 30, 2001 Focus on Future of Agriculture Industry, Professionals
November 16, 2001 Americans To Gather For Thanksgiving Feast, But Cost Up
November 14, 2001 Farm Bureau YF&R Contests Highlight Future Leaders
November 14, 2001 FB Hails Launch of New WTO Trade Negotiations
November 13, 2001 Statement Regarding National Farm-City Week, Nov. 16-22
November 12, 2001 Farm Bureau Applauds China and Taiwan Joining WTO
November 6, 2001 Agriculture Must Reach Out and Communicate with Urban Americans

October 30, 2001 FB: Pass Trade Promotion Authority Now
October 30, 2001 AFB Foundation for Agriculture Publishes Booklet on Forage Quality
October 17, 2001 Farm Bureau: Trade Promotion Authority Approval Needed
October 16, 2001 Farm Bureau Offers Diverse Events in Convention Agenda
October 5, 2001 Statement: Regarding House Farm Bill Passage
October 5, 2001 Farm Bureau Pleased: Apple Juice Concentrate Loophole Closed
October 2, 2001 FB Urges President to Name Specialist to Prevent Agroterrorism

September 27, 2001 Study: Exchange Rates To Have Larger Impact On U.S. Farmers
September 25, 2001 Groups Urge House to Make New Farm Bill a 'Top Priority'
September 20, 2001 Policy, Issues, Leadership to be Focus of AFBF Convention
September 19, 2001 AFBF Files Brief In Supreme Court Property Rights Case
September 19, 2001 Statement: Regarding the Agriculture Department's Principles Relating to Future U.S. Farm Policies
September 18, 2001 Stallman Appointed to Federal Agricultural Trade Committee
September 12, 2001 Statement: Regarding Tragedy of Sept. 11
September 7, 2001 Farm Bureau Urges Prompt Passage of House Farm Bill
September 4, 2001 AFBF Applauds Assistance Package for Lamb Producers

August 31, 2001 Marketbasket Survey Shows Increase in Third Quarter
August 30, 2001 AFBF Opposes Free Trade Negotiations with Australia
August 28, 2001 Farm Safety Week Focuses on Child Safety
August 20, 2001 Farm Bureau Returns to Reno for 2002 Convention
August 17, 2001 Stallman: Cooperation Needed to Restore Farm Prosperity
August 2, 2001 FB: Fix Livestock Price Reporting System
August 2, 2001 FB: Ethanol Wins with House Vote

July 31, 2001 FB Opposes Animal Feeding Operation Rule Changes
July 31, 2001 Farm Bureau Urges Rejection of Oxygenate Waiver
July 27, 2001 Farm Bureau Praises House Version of Farm Bill
July 26, 2001 FB Backs Measure to Provide Access to Canadian Ag Chemicals
July 25, 2001 FB Urges Action on Trade Promotion Authority Before Recess
July 24, 2001 Farm Bureau Asks Congress for Cuba Trade Changes
July 24, 2001 Farmers Can be Critical Link in Energy Chain
July 18, 2001 Farm Bureau Urges Rejection of Oxygenate Waiver
July 18, 2001 Groups Urge Bush to Address Dollar's Strength at Summit
July 17, 2001 Farm Bureau Praises EPA for Water Quality Decision
July 12, 2001 FB Applauds Tax Provision to Encourage Food Donations
July 11, 2001 Farm Bureau Hails Immigration Reform Bill
July 10, 2001 Farm Bureau Supports Trade Relationship with China

June 29, 2001 FB Applauds Land Rights Decision
June 28, 2001 Farm Bureau Outlines Farm Bill Priorities
June 22, 2001 FB Backs USDA Reporting of Supplemental AMTAs to WTO
June 21, 2001 Farm Bureau Disappointed in House Funding for Farmers
June 21, 2001 Farmers Need New WTO Round, Trade Promotion Authority
June 15, 2001 Statement Regarding Agricultural Subsidies Agreement with China
June 13, 2001 Farm Bureau Applauds Trade Promotion Authority Legislation
June 13, 2001 Farm Bureau: Devastating Losses Slamming Apple Growers
June 12, 2001 Statement: Regarding EPA's Denial of California's Request to Waive the Federal Oxygen Mandate
June 7, 2001 Statement: Regarding President Bush Signing the Tax Relief Act of 2001
June 5, 2001 Supermarket Food Prices Climb in Second Quarter

May 24, 2001 Statement: Regarding Senate Passage of Tax Relief Bill
May 24, 2001 FB Urges EPA to Reconsider Pesticide Settlement
May 23, 2001 Farmers Offer Unlimited Environmental Benefits
May 22, 2001 AFB Foundation, Monsanto Announce 2001 Scholarship Winners
May 22, 2001 Success of Dairy Industry Hinges on Unique Solutions
May 21, 2001 Global Trade Vital, but Smaller Agreements Filling Gaps
May 21, 2001 Incentive-based Programs Best for Improving Water Quality
May 21, 2001 Farm Bureau Moves Up in Power 25 Survey
May 18, 2001 Survey to Gather Information on Young Farmers, Ranchers
May 17, 2001 Statement Regarding President Bush’s Comprehensive Energy Plan
May 15, 2001 Farm Bureau Offers Common-Sense Changes to Endangered Species Act
May 2, 2001 FB: Farmers Can Help Solve Energy Crisis

April 25, 2001 Stallman Urges Congress to Bolster Ag Trade Support
April 24, 2001 FB: USDA Should Nix Latest Roadless Rule
April 20, 2001 Farm Groups Urge 'Clean' Trade Authority for Bush
April 20, 2001 Farm Bureau Urges Support for Ag Funding in Budget
April 19, 2001 American Farm Bureau Strengthens Public Policy Effort
April 6, 2001 Stallman: Agriculture Must Capture Market Opportunity
April 4, 2001 Farm Bureau: Death Tax Repeal Gives Life to Family Farms

March 28, 2001 Farm Bureau: Tax Code Changes Are Needed for Farmers
March 21, 2001 Farm Bureau: Death Taxes Threaten Family Farms
March 20, 2001 Profit Concerns Weighing on Young Farmers, Ranchers
March 20, 2001 Farmers, Ranchers Prepare for Fellowship 2001
March 16, 2001 Stallman Urges Governors to Back Conservation Incentives
March 8, 2001 Farm Bureau Survey: Retail Grocery Prices Up in First Quarter
March 1, 2001 Statement: AFBF President Stallman on 2001 Seed Corn Purchases

February 28, 2001 Farm Bureau: New Farm Bill Must Balance All Interests
February 23, 2001 Farm Bureau Files Brief in U.S. Supreme Court Property Case
February 15, 2001 Farm Bureau Applauds FARRM Account Introduction
February 14, 2001 Farm Bureau Urges Congress to Expand Ethanol Use
February 13, 2001 Statement: AFBF President Bob Stallman Regarding Introduction of Senate Agriculture Tax Package
February 7, 2001 Farm Bureau, Ag Groups Call for Increased Funding
February 6, 2001 Farmers to Celebrate Food Check-Out Day in Philadelphia

January 31, 2001 Statement Regarding the Introduction of Death Tax Elimination Act
January 30, 2001 Statement Regarding the Report of the 21st Century Commission on Production Agriculture
January 29, 2001 Statement Regarding Efforts to Prevent BSE in the United States
January 23, 2001 FB: Voluntary Approach to Dealing with Hypoxia is Best
January 19, 2001 AFBF, State Farm Bureaus Challenge Land Management Scheme
January 19, 2001 FB Calls EPA Pesticide Settlement a "Slap" to Farmers
January 12, 2001 California's Waiver Request Hurts Farmers, says FB
January 10, 2001 Delegates Focus On Farm Bill, Ag Economy
January 10, 2001 AFB Women's Committee Elects New Chair
January 10, 2001 Washington State Producer Elected AFBF Vice President
January 8, 2001 Futurist Sees Bright Prospects For Farming
January 8, 2001 Environmental Policy Director Warns Of 'Smart Growth' Pitfalls
January 8, 2001 Water Quality Initiative Offers Ag Leadership Role
January 8, 2001 Ag Community Optimistic About FQPA Implementation
January 8, 2001 Next Farm Bill Must Meet Many Different Goals
January 8, 2001 The Power And Politics Of Food Biotechnology
January 8, 2001 Economists Differ On Farm Impact of Consolidation
January 8, 2001 USDA Official: Declining Market Share Trend Must Be Reversed
January 8, 2001 California Competitor Wins YF&R Discussion Meet
January 8, 2001 Utah Couple Earns Young Farmer Award
January 8, 2001 Ohioan Baldosser Named AFBF Young Farmer Chairman
January 8, 2001 Stallman Urges Government Diligence To Bolster Farm Families
January 7, 2001 Livestock Outlook and Mandatory Price Reporting
January 7, 2001 Dairy Producers Face Variety of Challenges
January 7, 2001 Corn, Cotton and Soybean Outlook
January 7, 2001 Biotech Spotlight 'Double-edged Sword' for Wheat, Rice
January 7, 2001 Innovation, Determination Key to Ag Entrepreneurs' Success
January 7, 2001 Contracts: Love 'Em Or Hate 'Em, Know 'Em
January 7, 2001 Farmers Gradually Embrace E-Commerce
January 7, 2001 Farmers Likely Will Need More Aid, Stallman Asserts
January 7, 2001 Retiring AFB Women's Chair Reflects on Women in Agriculture
January 7, 2001 Organizational Skills, Commitment Key To Political Success
January 7, 2001 State Farm Bureaus Recognized For Stellar Programs
January 7, 2001 Illinois Farmer Honored For Top Farm Innovation
January 7, 2001 Agriculture E-Commerce Industry Growing
January 7, 2001 Former AFBF President, Past Ag Secretary Receive Awards
January 7, 2001 Crop Adviser Honored For Work With Farmers
January 7, 2001 County Farm Bureaus Share Successful Program Ideas