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News Releases (Index of 2002 Releases)

December 19, 2002Food Prices Rise in Fourth Quarter
December 18, 2002American Farm Bureau Introduces fbcountry.com Web Portal
December 18, 2002FB Urges 'Immediate Action' on EU Biotech Ban
December 17, 2002Statement: Regarding the U.S. Case on the Canadian Wheat Board in the World Trade Organization
December 16, 2002Revised Livestock Waste Rules are Workable, FB Says
December 12, 2002Farm Bureau Membership Eclipses 5.3 Million Families
December 11, 2002Statement: Regarding U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement
December 11, 2002Farm Bureau: Administration Plan Will Help Forests
December 9, 2002Sen. Helms Honored for Career-long Support for Agriculture
December 3, 2002Statement Regarding New Forest Planning Rules

November 25, 2002Monsanto and American Farm Bureau Team Up to Focus on Future of Agriculture Industry, Professionals
November 22, 2002Farm Bureau Delegation Finds Promising Market in Cuba
November 21, 2002AFBF: 2002 Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Decrease
November 20, 2002Full Agenda Planned for Farm Bureau Convention
November 18, 2002Statement Regarding National Farm-City Week
November 14, 2002AFBF, Farm Groups Concerned About Compliance Infractions
November 12, 2002Farm Bureau Urges U.S. to File Complaint on EU Biotech Ban

October 30, 2002Scott to Join Farm Bureau Members in Florida
October 30, 2002Farm Bureau: Ruling Supports Confidentiality of Farm Information
October 22, 2002Farm Bureau Urges Congress to Complete Energy Bill
October 9, 2002New YF&R Contest to Debut at Farm Bureau Convention
October 2, 2002Statement: Consolidation of AFBF Offices and Staff in Washington, D.C.
October 1, 2002FB: Farm Economy Imperiled by Prolonged Port Shutdown

September 13, 2002Farm Bureau Supports Association Health Plans
September 13, 2002Farm Bureau President to Co-chair Cuba Summit
September 9, 2002Statement: Regarding Senate Consideration of Weather Disaster Assistance for Farmers and Ranchers
September 4, 2002Farm Bureau Travels to Tampa Bay for 2003 Convention
September 3, 2002Retail Food Prices Continue Slide in Third Quarter

August 30, 2002South American Soybean Meal Imports Frustrate U.S. Farmers
August 29, 2002YF&R Achievement Award Programs to Offer New Prizes from Syngenta
August 22, 2002Statement: Regarding President Bush's Proposal on Forest Management
August 6, 2002Farm Bureau: Sound Trade Rules Needed
August 6, 2002Statement: Regarding President Bush Signing Trade Bill Including Trade Promotion Authority

July 29, 2002FB: House Passage of TPA is Victory for Agriculture
July 25, 2002Farm Bureau Applauds Administration's WTO Package
July 22, 2002Farm Bureau: TMDL Case Needs Rehearing
July 17, 2002Farm Bureau Supports Aggressive Stance on WTO Negotiations
July 16, 2002Farm Bureau: Packer Ownership Harms Livestock Producers
July 16, 2002Farm Groups Urge Commitment to Farm Bill
July 10, 2002Farm Bureau Opposes Missouri River 'Spring Rise'
July 10, 2002FB: Groups Urge Appropriators to Protect Farm Bill
July 3, 2002FB Blasts Europe's Proposed Biotech Labeling Plan
July 2, 2002AFB Foundation for Agriculture Advances Biotech in the Classroom

June 26, 2002Farm Bureau Supports Homeland Security Plan
June 12, 2002Statement: Regarding Senate Rejection of Permanent Death Tax Repeal
June 6, 2002FB Praises House Action To Kill Death Tax
June 6, 2002Food Prices Drop in Second Quarter

May 28, 2002American Farm Bureau Supports Hunger Awareness Day
May 24, 2002FB Applauds Senate Passage of Trade Promotion Authority
May 21, 2002Farm Bureau: Expand Agricultural Trade with Cuba
May 16, 2002Farm Bureau Challenges Plowing Decision in U.S. Supreme Court
May 9, 2002AFBF Outlines Needed Trade Reforms For U.S. Officials
May 8, 2002Statement: Regarding Passage of the Farm Bill
May 6, 2002Monsanto And Farm Bureau Encourage Commitment to Ag, Announce 2002
May 6, 2002Rep. Nussle Receives Farm Bureau's Golden Plow Award
May 1, 2002Farm Bureau: Exchange Rates Affect U.S. Farm Exports

April 26, 2002Farm Bureau Applauds Farm Bill Completion
April 26, 2002Farm Bureau: Energy Bill Good for America's Farmers
April 24, 2002Farm Bureau: Food Affordability Stands In Contrast to Tax Burden
April 19, 2002Farm Bureau Calls on Congress to Finish Farm Bill
April 18, 2002FB: Senate Should Follow House Lead on Death Tax Vote
April 11, 2002Farm Bureau: Russia Must End Poultry Ban
April 11, 2002FB Opposes Senate Bid Against Renewable Fuels

March 21, 2002Mississippi and Illinois Waterways Need to be Upgraded
March 19, 2002Rep. Larry Combest Receives a Second Golden Plow Award
March 14, 2002Young Farmers, Ranchers More Optimistic Despite Challenges
March 13, 2002Retail Grocery Prices Climb in First Quarter
March 12, 2002Statement: National Agriculture Week/National Ag Day
March 11, 2002Report Will Improve Clean Water Act Decisions
March 8, 2002Farm Bureau Lauds Renewable Fuel Standard
March 5, 2002Sen. Craig Receives Farm Bureau's Golden Plow Award
March 1, 2002American Farm Bureau Opposes Measure That Could Flood Farmland

February 28, 2002AFB Foundation Launches 'Campaign 2002'
February 27, 2002AFBF Lists Priorities for Farm Bill Conference Report
February 15, 2002FB Applauds Ruling on Canada's Wheat Marketing
February 12, 2002Statement: Regarding Senate Consideration of the Farm Bill, S. 1731
February 8, 2002Farm Bureau's Watershed Heroes Event Moves to Minnesota
February 8, 2002Farmers Celebrate Food Check-Out Day
February 1, 2002ACRES Offers Wholesale Program to State Farm Bureaus

January 30, 2002Congress Urged to Proceed with Repeal of Death Tax
January 17, 2002AFB Foundation Awarded Grant, Speaker Training Scheduled
January 9, 2002FB Delegates Continue Support for Farm Bill Direction
January 7, 2002Farm Safety Takes a Hands-On Approach With Kids
January 7, 2002State Farm Bureaus Launch Proactive Stewardship Programs
January 7, 2002Sept. 11 Fuels Support for Ethanol, Biodiesel
January 7, 2002Political Expert Sheds Light on Mid-term Races, Strategies
January 7, 2002Young Farmer and Rancher Award Winners Announced
January 7, 2002FB Urges U.S. to Seek Reversal of Mexico's Corn Syrup Tax
January 7, 2002State Farm Bureaus Earn Recognition for Stellar Programs
January 7, 2002AFBF Recognizes Excellence in Crop Advising
January 7, 2002Former AFB Women's Chair, Kentucky Senator Earn Awards
January 7, 2002Stallman Calls on Farm Bureau Members for Strength, Unity
January 6, 2002Bumpy 2002 Ahead for Livestock Producers
January 6, 2002Analysts Optimistic Farm Bill Will Reach Finish Line
January 6, 2002Rural Landowners Cautioned On Conservation Easements
January 6, 2002Dairy Industry Faces Mixed Outlook in 2002
January 6, 2002Economist: Modest Outlook for Corn, Worse for Cotton, Soybeans
January 6, 2002Gilbert Strives to Further Build Women's Program
January 6, 2002Stallman: Farmers Want Results, Not Partisanship
January 6, 2002Illinois Farmer Honored For Top Farm Innovation
January 6, 2002County Farm Bureaus Share Winning Program Ideas
January 4, 2002AFBF Says Loan Rate Decision Sends Positive Signal