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News Releases (Index of 2003 Releases)


December 23, 2003 Statement Regarding BSE Detection
December 18, 2003 Food Prices Rise in Fourth Quarter
December 18, 2003 Statement Regarding Proposed Rule for CSP
December 8, 2003 FB: Grazing Rules Would Benefit Rangelands and Environment
December 5, 2003 Farm Bureau Membership Grows to 5.5 Million Families
December 5, 2003 Educational Ag Seminars at AFBF 85th Convention
December 3, 2003 New Director of Public Policy for International Trade
December 2, 2003 FB: Foundation Silent Auction Runs Through Jan. 12

November 26, 2003 FB Welcomes New Healthy Forests Legislation
November 25, 2003 Statement Regarding Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL)
November 25, 2003 Statement Regarding Senate’s Failure to Approve Energy Bill in 2003
November 21, 2003 AFBF Reaches Software Affinity Agreement With ASI
November 21, 2003 Statement Regarding Senate Rejection of Energy Bill
November 20, 2003 AFBF: Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Up, But Affordable
November 19, 2003 FB Commends Small Engine Emissions Provision
November 18, 2003 American Farm Bureau Urges Congress To Pass Energy Bill
November 14, 2003 Farmers Serve Lunch to Rapid City’s Hungry
November 7, 2003 AFBF Pleased With Senate Passage of COOL
November 6, 2003 FB Remains Committed to Permanent Death Tax Repeal

October 31, 2003 Farm Bureau: China, A Trade Opportunity and Threat
October 31, 2003 FB: Healthy Forests Act Benefits Farmers and Ranchers
October 31, 2003 Golf Tournament to Benefit Ag Education Programs
October 30, 2003 AFBF, Texas FB Oppose Federal Control of Aquifer
October 28, 2003 Hunger-Relief Efforts Would Grow With New Tax-Relief Law
October 24, 2003 FB Urges Full Funding for Farm Programs in Spending Bill
October 24, 2003 AFBF Praises Action On Cuba Travel
October 23, 2003 AFBF, 13 State FBs File Motion in Atrazine Case
October 16, 2003 FB: Ag Inspections at U.S. Border Must Remain Priority
October 15, 2003 FB Expresses Concern About High Natural Gas Prices
October 9, 2003 AFBF, South Carolina FB File Brief in Supreme Court Case
October 8, 2003 AFBF, Florida FB File Brief in Supreme Court Water Litigation
October 3, 2003 AFBF President Bob Stallman To Appear on RFD-TV "LIVE"
October 1, 2003 AFBF Commemorates New Headquarters

September 30, 2003 Farm Bureau Study Aims to Increase Productivity, Profitability
September 30, 2003 Statement Regarding U.S. - Russian Agreement on Market Access
September 23, 2003 Statement Regarding Introduction of H-2a Reform Bill
September 23, 2003 Farm Bureau Calls For More Accountability From OSHA
September 17, 2003 New Small Business Coalition Fights to End Tax Disparity for the Self-Employed
September 16, 2003 Farm Bureau Testifies to Senate Subcommittee Re. Water Issues
September 15, 2003 FB Commends Tax Incentive for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers
September 15, 2003 Retired General to Address FB Members at Annual Meeting
September 15, 2003 Statement Regarding Conclusion of WTO Negotiations in Cancun
September 11, 2003 Farm Bureau Says Energy Policy A Priority
September 8, 2003 Farm Bureau, Ag Groups Outline Three Pillars Of Ag Trade
September 2, 2003 FB: Retail Food Prices Rise Slightly in Third Quarter

August 25, 2003 American Farm Bureau® Inc. Launches FB Apparel
August 21, 2003 FB: Emissions Rules Must Consider Impact on Farmers
August 1, 2003 Statement Regarding Senate Passage of the Energy Bill

July 18, 2003 FB: ESA Reform Could Help Farmers and Species
July 2, 2003 FB Condemns EU Rule on Biotech Labeling

June 26, 2003 FB: Country-of-Origin Labeling Should Proceed
June 18, 2003 Farm Bureau Lists Priorities for U.S. Trade Talks
June 18, 2003 FB: Congress Should Eliminate the Death Tax
June 10, 2003 FB Urges Support for WTO Case on EU Biotech Ban
June 5, 2003 Statement Regarding the Renewable Fuels Standard
June 5, 2003 Altria Corporate Services, Inc., Farm Bureau Select First-Ever PAL Program Candidates
June 5, 2003 Statement Regarding National Hunger Awareness Day 2003
June 4, 2003 Farm Bureau: Retail Food Prices Fall Slightly in Second Quarter
June 3, 2003 FB: Action Needed to Continue Methyl Bromide Use
June 3, 2003 Young Named American Farm Bureau Chief Economist
June 3, 2003 Farm Bureau Members Save through Paint Discount Program
June 2, 2003 Farm Bureau Emergency Alert Campaign Off to Positive Start

May 22, 2003 Farm Bureau, Monsanto Announce 2003 Scholarship Program Winners
May 13, 2003 Farm Bureau Urges Support for Senate Energy Bill
May 13, 2003 FB Hails Bush Decision to Fight EU Biotech Moratorium
May 8, 2003 Farm Bureau Endorses House Tax-Relief Measure

April 29, 2003 Coordination Essential In Battling Invasive Species
April 25, 2003 AFB Foundation Video Brings Biotech to Life
April 21, 2003 Statement Regarding Earth Day 2003 (April 22)
April 10, 2003 FB: Tax Changes Help Farmers Fight Hunger, Protect Environment
April 4, 2003 Farm Bureau Launches Emergency Alert Campaign

March 27, 2003 Cendant Offers Lodging Discounts to American Farm Bureau
March 26, 2003 Biotech Trade Barriers Continue to Afflict American Agriculture
March 25, 2003 Farm Bureau's Watershed Heroes Event Returns to Minnesota
March 21, 2003 FB Welcomes House Members' Commitment to Farmers
March 20, 2003 Profit Concerns Weighing on Young Farmers, Ranchers
March 19, 2003 FB: Energy Security Lies Within U.S. Borders
March 18, 2003 Farm Groups Oppose House Budget Panel's Ag Cuts
March 17, 2003 Farm Bureau Invites Visitors to Discover the Exciting Advancements in Agriculture at Innoventions at Epcot®
March 12, 2003 Retail Food Prices Post Increase in First Quarter
March 12, 2003 Statement Regarding National Agriculture Week/National Ag Day, March 16-27
March 7, 2003 Farm Bureau Critical of WTO Ag Negotiations Proposal

February 13, 2003 Statement Regarding Disaster Assistance
February 11, 2003 AFBF Files Petition In Pronsolino Case
February 6, 2003 Farmers Commemorate Food Check-Out Day in New Orleans
February 3, 2003 Farmers More in Tune with Consumer Expectations

January 24, 2003 FB Urges Administration to Reject EU Trade Proposal
January 22, 2003 FB Delegates Back Disaster Aid, Oppose Farm Bill Changes
January 20, 2003 America's Weatherman Forecasts Renewed Patriotism
January 20, 2003 Commodities Outlook Modestly Good
January 20, 2003 Foundation Names Eagle Award Winners
January 20, 2003 'FairTax' Gains Support
January 20, 2003 'Corporate Social Responsibility' Affects Farmers
January 20, 2003 Ohio Leader Earns Distinguished Service Award
January 20, 2003 Young Farmers and Ranchers Win Awards
January 20, 2003 Farmers Tuning In To Consumer Desires, Still Have Work To Do
January 20, 2003 AFBF Recognizes Excellence in Crop Advising
January 19, 2003 U.S. and EU Trade Officials Differ on Scope of WTO Reform
January 19, 2003 New Uses On the Way For Soybeans
January 19, 2003 Beef Industry Working To Add Value to Chucks and Roasts
January 19, 2003 Meat Prices Headed North
January 19, 2003 State Farm Bureaus Shine in Gold Star Recognition
January 19, 2003 Technologies Available to Make Food Supply Safer
January 19, 2003 Stallman Hails Contributions of Farm Bureau People
January 19, 2003 Local Initiative Yields Big Dividends for Farm Producers
January 19, 2003 Gilbert Emphasizes Women's Role
January 19, 2003 Farmers Must Tell 'Good Story' of Agriculture
January 19, 2003 Disaster Aid, Trade Top Issues at AFBF Convention
January 19, 2003 Kentucky Farmer Honored For Top Farm Innovation
January 19, 2003 County Farm Bureaus Share Winning Program Ideas
January 19, 2003 American Farm Bureau Inc. Launches FB Auction
January 18, 2003 PAL Leadership Program develops "Advocates for Agriculture"
January 8, 2003 FB Calls for Emergency Weather Disaster Assistance
January 3, 2003 Farm Bureau Members Preparing for Tampa Get-Together