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News Releases (Index of 2004 Releases)


December 30, 2004 Ag Secretary Veneman to Address AFBF Convention
December 21, 2004 Statement Regarding Sen. Chambliss Appointment to Chair Ag Committee
December 15, 2004 Farm Bureau to Help USO ‘Beef Up’ U.S. Troops
December 13, 2004 Federal Court Hears AFBF Clean Water Arguments
December 10, 2004 FB Urges Signing of Conservation Bill Into Law
December 10, 2004 Farm Bureau Membership Surpasses 5.6 Million Families
December 9, 2004 AFBF Seeks Status Quo on Cuba Trade Payments
December 9, 2004 Flapjack Fundraiser To Support Ag Education
December 8, 2004 Farm Bureau: Beef Checkoff Benefits All Producers
December 6, 2004 Statement Regarding Sage Grouse Listing Recommendation
December 3, 2004 Farm Bureau Files Brief to Protect Landowner Rights
December 2, 2004 Statement Regarding Mike Johanns’ Nomination as Agriculture Secretary

November 30, 2004 FB Family Students Can Apply for FFA Scholarships
November 23, 2004 Conferences Taking Shape at AFBF Annual Meeting
November 22, 2004 Farm City Week Celebrates the Rural-Urban Connection
November 18, 2004 AFBF: Thanksgiving Dinner Remains Affordable
November 17, 2004 Farm Bureau Young Farmers Team Up to End Hunger
November 17, 2004 FB: Put All Trade Distorting Subsidies in the Crosshairs
November 15, 2004 Statement Regarding Resignation of Ag Sec. Ann Veneman
November 10, 2004 Statement Regarding Detection of Soybean Rust in the U.S.
November 3, 2004 Statement Regarding the Outcome of the 2004 Election

October 22, 2004 Statement Regarding Signing of the JOBS Act
October 21, 2004 AFBF Outlines Key Priorities as Election Nears
October 18, 2004 AFBF Opens Newsroom as Newest Media Resource
October 12, 2004 Statement Regarding Passage of JOBS Act
October 8, 2004 AFBF Encourages Senate to pass JOBS Act This Week
October 5, 2004 American Farm Bureau to Support Free Trade With Bahrain
October 5, 2004 Rudolph Giuliani to Address Farm Bureau
October 4, 2004 Bush, Kerry Respond to AFBF Survey
October 4, 2004 Retail Food Prices Rise Slightly in Third Quarter
October 1, 2004 Farm Bureau Supports Swift JOBS Act Passage

September 28, 2004 Farm Bureau Says Dominican Tax Jeopardizes Trade Pact
September 22, 2004 Farm Bureau Highlights Natural Gas Crunch
September 14, 2004 Farm Bureau Fly-In/Drive-In Targets Issues
September 9, 2004 Farm Bureau Supports Revised Roadless Rule
September 1, 2004 Farm Bureau Tells FCC Rural Audiences Underserved

August 27, 2004 Statement Regarding Cooperative Conservation
August 27, 2004 FB: Sound Science Will Unlock Hypoxia Puzzle
August 23, 2004 Stallman: Biotech An Essential Tool For Farmers
August 23, 2004 Oak Ridge Boys to Perform at AFBF Convention
August 23, 2004 AFBF Files Brief to Support Beef Checkoff Program
August 18, 2004 Farm Bureau: Animal ID System Would Provide Safeguard
August 5, 2004 AgTrade Coalition Statement on WTO Framework
August 2, 2004 Statement Regarding WTO Framework Text

July 29, 2004 FB Applauds Streamlined Pesticide Approvals
July 23, 2004 Statement Regarding Passage of Moroccan Free Trade Agreement
July 21, 2004 FB: Methyl Bromide Essential For Safe, Reliable Food
July 20, 2004 Statement Regarding Draft Text for Framework of WTO Negotiations
July 16, 2004 Senate Action on JOBS Bill Will Strengthen Agriculture
July 14, 2004 American Farm Bureau Backs Morocco Trade Pact
July 14, 2004 Arkansas Students Win Watershed EcoTeam Competition
July 14, 2004 Farm Bureau Gearing Up For Charlotte Meeting
July 13, 2004 Farm Bureau Presents "Golden Plow" to Sen. Pete Domenici
July 12, 2004 Statement Regarding "Roadless Rule"
July 8, 2004 AFBF Names Newpher CAO, Maslyn Promoted
July 7, 2004 Revised Farm Facts Materials Now Available
July 2, 2004 Retail Food Prices Drop in Second Quarter

June 25, 2004 Farmers Hurt By Fuel Tab, But Can Solve Energy Crunch
June 24, 2004 New Sponsorships Benefit Agriculture in the Classroom
June 24, 2004 FB: Timely Improvements to MS-IL Waterway Needed
June 23, 2004 FB: Biotech Acceptance Imperative for U.S. Competitiveness
June 17, 2004 Farm Bureau Applauds American Jobs Creation Act
June 17, 2004 AFBF Signs Landmark Agreement with Top Mexican Ag Organization
June 17, 2004 Farm Bureau: Improve the Mississippi-Illinois Waterway
June 16, 2004 Statement Regarding Loss of South Dakota Farm Bureau President Richard Kjerstad
June 15, 2004 Farm Bureau Highlights Need for Conservation Funding
June 9, 2004 Watershed Heroes Conference Kicks Off June 21
June 3, 2004 Statement Regarding National Hunger Awareness Day
June 2, 2004 Farm Bureau, Second Harvest: Don’t Pin Obesity on Ag

May 28, 2004 Statement Regarding Signing of the U.S.-Central American Free Trade Agreement
May 24, 2004 Statement Regarding Supreme Court's Decision to Hear Beef Checkoff Case
May 20, 2004 AFBF: Farm Bill is Working, No Changes Needed
May 14, 2004 Farm Bureau Urges Congress to Pass OSHA Provisions
May 13, 2004 AFBF Joins Brief Supporting National Beef Checkoff
May 12, 2004 Statement Regarding Passage of Bill to Halt European Taxes on U.S. Farm Goods
May 11, 2004 Farm Bureau Supports Full Conservation Funding
May 11, 2004 AFBF Applauds Decision to Improve Inland Waterways
May 5, 2004 AFBF Honors Rep. Pombo for Strong Support of Agriculture

April 29, 2004 Farm Bureau Supports Measure to Halt Taxes on U.S. Exports
April 28, 2004 AFBF Supports Critical Habitat Provisions
April 21, 2004 Statement Regarding Earth Day 2004
April 16, 2004 Farm Bureau EcoTeam State Winners Announced
April 15, 2004 FB Supports Streamlined Pesticide Approvals
April 13, 2004 AFBF, Altria Selects Second Class of PAL Participants

March 30, 2004 FB Delegation Promotes Biotech in Japan, China
March 30, 2004 AFBF: Wetland Regulations Confusing and Controversial
March 24, 2004 Farm Bureau: Energy Costs Hit Farmers, Fertilizer Industry
March 24, 2004 AFBF Urges Congress to Fix Farm Labor This Year
March 19, 2004 FB: Maintain Current Missouri River Strategy
March 18, 2004 Young Farmer/Rancher Optimism Hits Survey High
March 12, 2004 Food Prices Rise in First Quarter
March 10, 2004 American Farm Bureau Names Julie Anna Potts General Counsel
March 10, 2004 American Farm Bureau Backs Central American Trade Pact
March 10, 2004 American Farm Bureau Conditionally Supports Australia Free Trade Pact
March 4, 2004 Statement Regarding National Agriculture Week
March 2, 2004 Farm Bureau Supports Less Red Tape at BLM
March 2, 2004 U.S. Farmers Stand to Lose Millions With EU Sanctions

February 27, 2004 AFBF’S Stallman Named to Hunger Committee
February 27, 2004 Farm Programs and Rural Initiatives Are Synonymous
February 23, 2004 Farm Bureau: Members Raise $80,000 for America’s Hungry
February 20, 2004 Member Support For ESA-Pesticide Proposal Critical
February 19, 2004 Farm Bureau: Permanent Death Tax Repeal Needed
February 12, 2004 Farm Bureau: Greater Energy Security Urgently Needed
February 11, 2004 Stallman: U.S./EU Resolve Key to Trade Talks
February 5, 2004 Farmers Commemorate Food Check-Out Day in Jacksonville

January 28, 2004 Farmers Need Workable Program to Meet Labor Needs
January 23, 2004 AFBF: Natural Gas Incentives Should Lower Ag Expenses
January 23, 2004 Statement Regarding Omnibus Appropriations Bill
January 14, 2004 Stallman Re-elected; Delegates Address BSE Concerns
January 12, 2004 Sen. Bond Decries Anti-Biotechnology Policies
January 12, 2004 Veneman Announces e-gov Initiatives at FB Convention
January 12, 2004 Benefits of Biotechnology are Real
January 12, 2004 Meat Safety, Taste, Convenience Are Priorities
January 12, 2004 Franks Urges Americans to Remember September 11th
January 12, 2004 USDA Official Updates Farmers and Ranchers on BSE
January 12, 2004 Chefs, Farmers Discuss Direct Marketing
January 12, 2004 Young Farmers and Ranchers Elect Chairman
January 12, 2004 Young Farmer and Rancher Awards Announced
January 12, 2004 EPA: Livestock Producers Should Act Now On Permits
January 12, 2004 U.S. Senator, Farm Bureau Leader Earn Awards
January 12, 2004 Agritourism Can Be Lucrative For Farmers
January 12, 2004 Web Site Boosts Value-Added Opportunities
January 12, 2004 Hawaii Farm Bureau Member Honored for Innovation
January 12, 2004 Interior Secretary: ‘New Approach’ to Land Management
January 12, 2004 State Farm Bureaus Honored For Program Excellence
January 12, 2004 AFBF Selects County Exchange Winners
January 12, 2004 Farmers Working to Feed Hungry Americans
January 12, 2004 Farming Facing Competing Demands for Water
January 11, 2004 Successful Year for Farm Bureau Women
January 11, 2004 Stallman Hails Farm Bureau Success, Effectiveness
January 11, 2004 House Aide: Ag Spending Wearing ‘Bull’s Eye’
January 11, 2004 Senators Need to Hear From Biodiesel Supporters
January 11, 2004 AFBF Recognizes Excellence in Crop Advising
January 11, 2004 Foundation Names Eagle Award Winners
January 7, 2004 Statement Regarding Temporary Worker Program
January 6, 2004 AFBF Files Brief In Support of Virginia Landowners