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News Releases (Index of 2005 Releases)

December 30, 2005Farm Bureaus Honored for Membership Achievements
December 22, 2005America's Heartland Series to Air on RFD-TV
December 20, 2005Ag Secretary Johanns to Address FB Members at Convention
December 19, 2005Statement Regarding Conclusion of Hong Kong Ministerial World Trade Talks
December 16, 2005Joint Statement Regarding Doha Development Round Agricultural Negotiations
December 12, 2005American Farm Bureau Supports Free Trade with Oman
December 12, 2005FB Study Identifies Agriculture’s Future Challenges
December 12, 2005Statement Regarding Japan Resuming U.S. Beef Imports
December 12, 2005AFBF Approves Membership of Alabama Farmers Federation
December 8, 2005Statement Regarding House Immigration/Border Security Bill
December 8, 2005Farm Bureau Membership Surpasses 5.7 Million
December 2, 2005AFBF Files Brief Asking for Limits to Corps’ Jurisdiction
December 1, 2005AgTrade Coalition Announces Media Events for WTO Ministerial in Hong Kong

November 29, 2005Statement Regarding President Bush's Temporary Worker Program
November 17, 2005Natural Gas Prices Send Production Expenses Skyrocketing
November 17, 2005Statement Regarding Nomination of Richard Crowder to be Ag Negotiator
November 17, 2005Farm Bureau Calls for Resolution of Softwood Lumber Dispute
November 17, 2005Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Up Slightly This Year
November 16, 2005Animal Manure Is Fertilizer, Not Hazardous Waste
November 10, 2005Statement Regarding House Strike Against ANWR & OCS
November 9, 2005Higher Natural Gas Prices Hitting Farmers Hard
November 3, 2005Statement Regarding Success on Payment Limits and ANWR

October 28, 2005Farm Bureau Asks House Ag Committee to Limit Ag Cut
October 27, 2005Iowa FB’s Lang: Trade Reform Must Boost Market Access
October 27, 2005Maryland FB President Says Stop Eminent Domain
October 25, 2005AgTrade Coalition Calls for Ambitious EU Proposal to the WTO
October 20, 2005Lower Capital Gains Tax Rates Should Be Permanent
October 17, 2005Expiration of Price Reporting Law Costs States
October 13, 2005All-USA Teacher Team Includes Ag Literacy Honoree
October 10, 2005Statement Regarding U.S. Agricultural Trade Proposals
October 6, 2005Statement Regarding Ag Secretary's Farm Bill Remarks
October 6, 2005Farm Bureau Condemns Japan’s Failure to Resume Beef Trade
October 6, 2005America's Heartland TV Series Premiere Celebrated
October 6, 2005State Farm Bureau/Dodge Incentive Program Renewed for 2006
October 3, 2005Retail Food Prices Drop Slightly in Third Quarter

September 30, 2005Farm Bureau: House ESA Reform Passage Good News for Species
September 29, 2005Blueberry Grower Explains FB Support of New Law
September 28, 2005Stallman Says NAIS Requires Producer Involvement
September 27, 2005Farm Bureau Calls for House to Pass Improved ESA
September 27, 2005AFBF States Its Case for Impeding Kelo
September 22, 2005Congressional & Ag Leaders Celebrate 10 Years of Biotechnology
September 20, 2005Temporary Waiver of Jones Act Would Help Agriculture
September 16, 2005Agriculture Coalition Calls on Congress to Expand Natural Gas Supplies
September 15, 2005Better Endangered Species Incentives Needed
September 14, 2005FB Asks Congress to Remember Farming Disasters
September 7, 2005AFBF Supports Anti-Kelo Bill with Testimony
September 1, 2005Katrina's Impact Felt Throughout Farm Country
September 1, 2005Farm Bureau Launches Hurricane Relief Efforts

August 25, 2005American FB President Testifies on Eminent Domain
August 24, 2005FB: Local Biotech Bans Threaten Ag Production
August 23, 2005Baseball's Iron Man to Address Farm Bureau Members
August 8, 2005Statement Regarding Signing of Energy Bill
August 4, 2005Veteran TV Journalist Paul Ryan to Host America’s Heartland

July 29, 2005Statement Regarding Clarification of Trade Rule Regarding Cuba
July 29, 2005Statement Regarding Congress Passing Energy Bill
July 29, 2005State Farm Bureaus Receive Member Service Awards
July 28, 2005Statement Regarding House Passage of CAFTA-DR
July 26, 2005Statement Regarding Energy Bill Conference Report
July 25, 2005FBApparel Expands Online Product Offerings
July 21, 2005County Farm Bureaus Encouraged to Enter Contest
July 21, 2005Farmer Idea Exchange Entries Now Being Accepted
July 20, 2005Farm Bureau Blasts Misleading Ethanol Report
July 18, 2005Renewable Energy Conference Will Aid Policy Decisions
July 15, 2005Statement Regarding Ninth Circuit Court Ruling on USDA's Trade Rules with Canada
July 13, 2005Foutz Suggests Changes to ESA Before Subcommittee
July 13, 2005Statement Regarding Ninth Circuit Hearing of R-CALF v. USDA Appeal
July 1, 2005Statement Regarding Senate Passage of CAFTA-DR
July 1, 2005Retail Food Prices Increase Slightly in Second Quarter

June 29, 2005AFBF Supports Senate Labeling Legislation
June 29, 2005Ag Biotech News Being Presented at AFBF Conference
June 28, 2005Statement Regarding Senate Passage of Energy Bill
June 24, 2005Statement Regarding USDA Confirmation of Positive BSE Test
June 23, 2005"Music City, USA" Will Host Farm Bureau Members
June 23, 2005Statement Regarding Supreme Court Ruling on Kelo Property Rights
June 21, 2005Third PAL Class Ready to Go to Work for Agriculture
June 15, 2005Statement Regarding Renewable Fuels Amendment to Senate Energy Bill
June 14, 2005Statement Regarding Senate Finance's Affirmation of CAFTA
June 9, 200525 Mini-Grants Awarded for Ag Education
June 9, 2005Ag Education Remains Important to Farm Bureau
June 9, 2005Five Teachers Honored at AITC Conference
June 7, 2005AFBF Stallman Testifies Before Senate Ag Committee on CAFTA-DR
June 7, 2005Statement Regarding National Hunger Awareness Day
June 2, 2005FB Agrees with EPA Ethanol Ruling

May 25, 2005Statement Regarding Inclusion of 8 Billion Gallon Renewable Fuels Standard in Senate Energy Bill
May 25, 2005AFBF Rallies Around CAFTA-DR
May 24, 2005FB Urges Congress to Extend Tax Credits for Renewable Fuels
May 24, 2005Farm Bureau Urges Support for Biodiesel Incentives
May 23, 2005Statement Regarding Supreme Court Ruling on Beef Checkoff
May 19, 2005Farm Bureau YF&R Supports Capital Gains Bill
May 17, 2005Farm Bureau Backs WTO Oversight of Trade
May 17, 2005President Bush Outlines FB-Supported Energy Proposal During Visit to Virginia Biodiesel Plant
May 5, 2005Court Declines to Reconsider CAFO Ruling
May 4, 2005AFBF Calls For Passage of Meat Promotion Act
May 4, 2005FB Urges Continuing Perkins Act Education Funding
May 4, 2005FFA Scholarships Awarded to FB Family Students
May 3, 2005Farm Bureau Tsunami Aid Fund Totals $60,000

April 27, 2005Statement Regarding Confirmation of Portman as USTR
April 25, 2005AFBF, Altria Select Members of Third PAL Class
April 22, 2005Farm Bureau: Pesticide Bill Would Protect Farmers
April 22, 2005Statement Regarding House Passage of Energy Policy Act
April 21, 2005American Farm Bureau Joins Brief in Beef Trade Case
April 21, 2005AFBF: CAFTA is a Win-Win for Agriculture
April 21, 2005New America’s Heartland Public TV Series to Celebrate Agriculture
April 20, 2005Farm Bureau Supports House Energy Bill
April 19, 2005Former Secretaries of Agriculture Urge Congress to Support CAFTA-DR
April 14, 2005FB Tax View Presented at House Committee Hearing
April 13, 2005Statement Regarding Vote on Permanent Repeal of Death Tax
April 13, 2005Farm Bureau Calls for Passage of Death Tax Repeal
April 11, 2005AFBF Advocates Passage of CAFTA-DR
April 11, 2005Coalition Releases Study Highlighting Benefits of CAFTA-DR
April 8, 2005Farmers' Rights to Apply Pesticides Challenged
April 6, 2005Environmental Policy Act Needs Updating
April 5, 2005Dodge Commits to Funding Young Farmer and Rancher Program
April 4, 2005Retail Food Prices Rise Slightly in First Quarter

March 22, 2005FB: Permanent Death Tax Repeal Remains Key Priority
March 21, 2005AFBF Outlines Need for Discretionary Ag Funding
March 18, 2005Statement Regarding National Agriculture Week
March 18, 2005Farm Bureau Backs Resolution Supporting U.S. Beef to Japan
March 18, 2005Land Availability Concerns Young Farmers/Ranchers
March 17, 2005Statement Regarding Nomination of Rob Portman as USTR
March 17, 2005FB: Reliable, Affordable Energy Must Become a Priority
March 16, 2005Farm Bureau Says Flawed Cuba Payment Rule Must Be Changed
March 16, 2005AFBF Applauds Introduction of Critical Habitat Legislation
March 15, 2005AFBF: Allow Much-Needed ANWR Energy Development
March 10, 2005FB: Unfair Methyl Bromide Restriction Must End
March 9, 2005Statement Regarding Committee Setback for Clear Skies Legislation
March 8, 2005Diverse Coalition Urges Support for Ag Budget
March 7, 2005Take Time for Agricultural Safety Awareness Week
March 4, 2005Statement Regarding Nomination of Steve Johnson to Head EPA
March 3, 2005Statement Regarding WTO Ruling on U.S. Cotton Program
March 2, 2005Statement Regarding Temporary Injunction of Minimal-Risk Rule
March 2, 2005Farm Bureau Awards ‘Golden Plow’ to Sen. McConnell
March 2, 2005AFBF Wins its CAFO Argument in Court
March 1, 2005Farm Bureau Supports USDA Rule on Canada
March 1, 2005Farm Bureau Members Put Dent in Hunger

February 23, 2005State FBs Honored For Grassroots Lobbying Efforts
February 22, 2005Statement Regarding OFAC Regulations on Cuba
February 22, 2005Farm Bureau Extends Deadline for Tsunami Aid
February 17, 2005AFBF: Death Tax a Deadly Thorn in Side of Farmers and Ranchers
February 16, 2005FB President: Farming Requires New Frontier Vision
February 9, 2005FB Supports Cuba Trade Facilitation Bill
February 7, 2005Farmers Mark Food Check-Out Day in Los Angeles
February 4, 2005FB Applauds President’s Immigration Remarks
February 3, 2005AFBF, Broad Coalition Unite Against Farm Bill Cuts
February 3, 2005Farm Bureau awards ‘Golden Plow’ to Rep. Moran

January 28, 2005FB Strongly Supports Bills Eliminating Death Taxes
January 26, 2005Farm Bureau Supports Clear Skies Initiative
January 21, 2005Statement Regarding Confirmation of Agriculture Secretary
January 19, 2005American Farm Bureau Organizes Tsunami Relief
January 12, 2005AFBF Backs Farm Program, Science-Based Trade Decisions
January 11, 2005State Farm Bureaus Honored for Excellence
January 10, 2005New Tools Available For Value-Added Ag Producers
January 10, 2005Farm Policy Debate Presents Challenges, Opportunities
January 10, 2005Agriculture Has Stake in Energy Changes
January 10, 2005Young Farmers and Ranchers Elect Chairman
January 10, 2005Young Farmer and Rancher Awards Announced
January 10, 2005Beef Positioned to Weather the Nutrition Storm
January 10, 2005Rudolph Giuliani Addresses Farm Bureau Members
January 10, 2005Expert Predicts An Interesting, Difficult Year For Ag Trade
January 10, 2005Homeland Security Vital to American Agriculture
January 10, 2005Economists Remain Optimistic for 2005
January 10, 2005Foundation for Agriculture Presents Eagle Awards
January 9, 2005MAAPP Group Reports Findings To Convention Attendees
January 9, 2005Chefs' Cooking Demo Focuses on Food Trends
January 9, 2005Farm Bureau Women Refocus Priorities for 2005
January 9, 2005Agriculture Can Learn From Environmental Success
January 9, 2005NASCAR and Farming Share Need for Safety
January 9, 2005Veneman Reflects on USDA Successes
January 9, 2005Soybean Growers Seek Vital Livestock Industry
January 9, 2005New Yorker and Texan Win Top FB Award
January 9, 2005Stallman Urges Commitment to Nation’s Farm Program
January 9, 2005Canadian Officials Address BSE at FB Meeting
January 9, 2005Oklahoma FB Inventor Wins Top Farmer Idea Award
January 9, 2005Stallman Talks About BSE, Other Issues at AFBF Meeting
January 9, 2005AFBF Selects County Idea Exchange Winners
January 7, 2005FB Applauds Final Ruling on the Greater Sage Grouse
January 7, 2005Retail Food Prices Drop Slightly in Fourth Quarter
January 6, 2005Joint YF&R, Leadership Conference Set for New Orleans