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News Releases (Index of 2006 Releases)

December 21, 2006Sam Donaldson to Address Farm Bureau Members
December 20, 2006Farm Bureau Renews Longstanding Dodge Partnership
December 18, 2006Peterson to Address Farm Bill at AFBF Meeting
December 15, 2006Ag Secretary Johanns to Address Farm Bureau Farmers
December 15, 2006Farm Bureau Seeks Revisions in Air Quality Standards
December 7, 2006AFBF Membership Exceeds 6 Million - All Time High
December 7, 2006AFBF Urges Funding Next Farm Bill at 2002 Level
December 6, 2006Farm Bureau Supports Endangered Species Reserve Act
December 6, 2006Key Issues to be Addressed at AFBF Convention
December 6, 2006Statement Regarding Senate Defeat of Disaster Assistance Package
December 4, 2006OCS Bill Would Cut Energy Costs for Farmers, Ranchers

November 14, 2006Farm Bureau Applauds Bilateral Trade Deal
November 14, 2006Slightly Higher Thanksgiving Dinner Cost This Year
November 8, 2006Statement Regarding Results of 2006 Midterm Elections
November 3, 2006FB Provides Expertise on Livestock Production
November 2, 2006Farm Bureau Partners with Dodge on FFA Scholarships
November 1, 2006FB Calls for Level Playing Field for Grain Transportation

October 5, 2006FB Seeks Intervenor Status in BLM Grazing Lawsuit
October 4, 2006Statement Regarding AFBF Support of Colombia TPA
October 2, 2006Retail Food Prices Rise Slightly in Third Quarter

September 29, 2006Statement Regarding WTO Ruling on EU Biotech Moratorium
September 25, 2006Fred Thompson to Gavel Farm Bureau Members to Order
September 22, 2006Statement Regarding EPA's Rule on Particulate Matter and Air Quality
September 20, 2006Farm Bureau Calls for Extending Farm Bill
September 14, 2006American Farm Bureau Encouraged by Immigration Initiative
September 12, 2006AFBF Urges Disaster Relief
September 12, 2006FB: Prevention Bill a Bad Idea
September 7, 2006America’s Heartland Second Season Hitting the Airwaves

August 31, 2006Michael Martin Murphey to Perform at FB Convention
August 8, 2006Pesticides Meet Tough New Food Safety Standards
August 2, 2006Leading Sectoral Organizations Back Extension of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA)
August 2, 2006Farm Sector Facing Labor Squeeze

July 27, 2006Statement Regarding Need to Extend Farm Bill, TPA in Light of Suspension of Doha Round
July 24, 2006Statement Regarding Suspension of Doha Round WTO Trade Negotiations
July 18, 2006Senate Bill: Superfund Does Not Apply to Livestock
July 11, 2006Statement Regarding Status of World Trade Organization Negotiations
July 7, 2006FB Supports Helping Gas Stations Install Fuel Tanks
July 7, 2006Retail Food Prices Dip Slightly in Second Quarter
July 1, 2006Statement Regarding Break in WTO Negotiations

June 30, 2006Ministers Must Not Lower Doha Round Ambition
June 29, 2006House Outer Continental Shelf Vote is a Vote for Agriculture
June 29, 2006Statement Regarding Peru TPA
June 27, 2006FB Supports Swift Senate Action on Death Taxes
June 26, 2006Statement Regarding President Bush Executive Order for Eminent Domain Actions
June 23, 2006AFBF: New CAFO Rule Complies with Court Ruling
June 23, 2006Ag Literacy Efforts Lauded at AITC Conference
June 21, 200619 Mini-Grants Awarded for Ag Education
June 19, 2006Statement Regarding Supreme Court Ruling on the Clean Water Act
June 14, 2006Agriculture Organizations Join New Alliance for Biobased Economy
June 9, 2006Statement Regarding Susan Schwab's Confirmation as U.S. Trade Representative
June 8, 2006Statement Regarding June 8 Death Tax Vote in U.S. Senate
June 7, 2006FB: Now is the Time for Permanent Estate Tax Repeal
June 7, 2006Statement Regarding 25x25 Congressional Resolution on Renewable Fuels
June 6, 2006Statement Regarding National Hunger Awareness Day

May 25, 2006Statement Regarding Senate Passage of Immigration Reform
May 23, 2006Joint Statement by the American Farm Bureau Federation and the Australian National Farmers' Federation
May 18, 2006Coalition Opposes Appropriations CWA Changes
May 17, 2006Statement Regarding President Bush's Signing of Tax Relief Package
May 16, 2006Statement Regarding President Bush's Immigration Control Plan
May 10, 2006Tax Reforms Would Benefit Farmers and Ranchers
May 10, 2006Killing Ethanol Tariff Would Hurt U.S. And Not Lower Gas Prices
May 8, 2006AFBF's PAL Honors Program Wins National Award
May 8, 2006Statement Regarding USDA Farm Bill Theme Papers
May 5, 2006FB Environmental Conference to Offer Timely Info

April 28, 2006Statement Regarding the U.S. Canada Softwood Lumber Agreement
April 27, 2006Farm Bureau Battles Threat to Regulate Farms With Superfund Law
April 21, 2006FB: Ag Exclusion in New Air Standards Needed
April 20, 2006Statement Regarding Earth Day 2006
April 19, 2006U.S. Corn Coalition Pleased by Canadian Final Ruling
April 19, 2006Groups Refute Ethanol is to Blame for Gasoline Prices
April 18, 2006Statement Regarding Rob Portman’s Departure from USTR
April 3, 2006Retail Food Prices Up Slightly in First Quarter

March 31, 2006Shawcroft Selected to Animal ID Organization
March 28, 2006Statement Regarding Proposed National Disaster Assistance
March 22, 2006Michael Martin Murphey and Friends Team Up for Wildfire Relief
March 14, 2006Young Farmers Want Children to Follow in Footsteps
March 8, 2006AFBF Votes to Support Peru FTA
March 8, 2006Cal Poly Student Wins YF&R Collegiate Discussion Meet
March 2, 2006Farm Bureau: Members Raise $160,000 for America’s Hungry
March 1, 20062006 PAL Class Completes Course of Study

February 22, 2006FB Launches ‘Production Decision’ Web Site
February 7, 2006It’s Time to ‘Step Up to the Plate for Farm Safety’
February 7, 2006AFBF Study: Immigration Reform Must Include Guest-Worker Provisions
February 2, 2006Ag Secretary Mike Johanns Meets With AFB Leaders
February 1, 2006Rep. Robin Hayes Awarded ‘Golden Plow’ by FB
February 1, 2006Farm Bureau Commemorates Food Check-Out Week
February 1, 2006Statement Regarding President Bush’s State of the Union Remarks

January 31, 2006AFBF Urges Guest Worker Provisions in Immigration Bill
January 20, 2006Statement Regarding Halt of U.S. Beef Shipments to Japan
January 11, 2006Delegates Back Farm Bill, Address Energy Concerns
January 11, 2006AFBF Announces Panel to Review Production Costs
January 9, 2006State Farm Bureaus Honored for Excellence
January 9, 2006Hurricanes Spark Insurance Company Discussions
January 9, 2006Ag Secretary Johanns Addresses County Presidents
January 9, 2006Young Farmers Earn Farm Bureau Awards
January 9, 2006Natural Gas Experts Predict Dire Price Consequences
January 9, 2006Ripken A Hit With Farm Bureau Members
January 9, 2006Trade Increasingly Important for U.S. Agriculture
January 9, 2006Beef Industry Outlines New Long-Range Plan
January 9, 2006U.S., Canadian Trade Complement Each Other
January 9, 2006Future Challenges for Agriculture Identified by FB
January 9, 2006Environmentalist Outlines Sensible Vision
January 9, 2006Youth Acceptance Boosts Milk Consumption
January 9, 2006Texas FB Inventor Wins Top Farmer Idea Awards
January 9, 2006Young Farmers and Ranchers Elect Chairman
January 9, 2006Foundation for Ag Presents Eagle Awards
January 9, 2006FB Survey: Americans Oppose Eminent Domain
January 8, 2006Sen. Bill Frist Pledges Support on Vital Issues
January 8, 2006USDA Considering New Animal ID Approach, Costs Remain Industry Concern
January 8, 2006Lower Income Projected for Crops And Livestock
January 8, 2006Farm Bureau Women Focus on Developing Leaders
January 8, 2006Cooking Demo Highlights Fundraising for Education
January 8, 2006Entrepreneurship Needed for Consumer-Driven Health Care
January 8, 2006Soy Producers Must Seek New Opportunities
January 8, 2006Stallman Urges Farmers to Set Policy Course
January 8, 2006Sen. Frist Awarded ‘Golden Plow’ by Farm Bureau
January 8, 2006AFBF Recognizes County Farm Bureaus for Excellence
January 8, 2006Excitement Building for New Animal ID System
January 8, 2006Hastert, Flinchbaugh Earn Distinguished Service Awards
January 8, 2006AFBF Hurricane Ag Fund Exceeds $1 Million
January 8, 2006AFBF: Immigration Proposals Could Cause Ag Losses
January 3, 2006Retail Food Prices Dip Slightly in Fourth Quarter