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News Releases (Index of 2007 Releases)

December 18, 2007Farm Bureau Commends House Members for Energy Bill Votes
December 18, 2007AFBF Market Update - December 2007
December 14, 2007Statement Regarding Senate Passage of Farm Bill
December 14, 2007Farm Bureau Hails Senate Passage Of Energy Bill
December 13, 2007Industry Issues Up for Discussion at AFBF Convention
December 6, 2007AFBF Membership Exceeds 6.2 Million - All-Time High
December 5, 2007Farm Bureau Women Focus on Leadership Skills
December 5, 2007Statement Regarding Energy Bill RFS Provision
December 4, 2007Statement Regarding Senate Passage of U.S.-Peru TPA

November 29, 2007Local Dodge Dealers Offer Scholarships to FFA Students
November 27, 2007Statement Regarding USDA Chief Economist Keith Collins
November 20, 2007AFBF Market Update - November 2007
November 19, 2007Cattle Numbers Steady, Overall Supplies Likely to Remain Tight
November 15, 2007Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Inches Higher This Year
November 14, 2007Congress Urged to Remedy Federal Death Tax Now
November 8, 2007Statement Regarding House Approval of U.S.-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement
November 7, 2007The Tree Farmer Honored as Book of the Year
November 7, 2007National Farm-City Week Kicks Off in Washington

October 31, 2007Statement Regarding Nomination of Ed Schafer as Secretary of Agriculture
October 29, 2007AFBF Market Update - October 2007
October 25, 2007Statement Regarding Senate Markup of 2007 Farm Bill
October 22, 2007The Gatlin Brothers to Perform at FB Convention
October 22, 2007Cattle Supplies Likely to Remain Tight, Prices Strong Into 2008
October 18, 2007Minnesota FB's Paap: Farmers Protecting Water Quality
October 9, 2007Retail Food Prices Up 2 Percent in Third Quarter
October 9, 2007Farm Bureau Tells Court EPA Dust Regs Baseless
October 4, 2007Legal, Stable Workforce Critical for Agriculture
October 3, 2007AFBF Named as 'Trade Organization of the Year'
October 2, 2007America's Heartland Launches Third Season Highlighting Contributions of American Farmers and Ranchers

September 27, 2007AFBF Urges Congress to Pass Latin America FTAs
September 25, 2007Farm Bureau: Fed Cattle Supplies Tight and Getting Tighter
September 25, 2007Farm Bureau Hails Passage of Long-Awaited Water Infrastructure Bill
September 24, 2007AFBF Market Update - September 2007
September 20, 2007Statement Regarding Resignation of Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns
September 12, 2007Large Corn Crop on Track, Pressure Building Elsewhere
September 11, 2007Passage of Peru Trade Agreement Key to U.S. Agriculture
September 6, 2007Chinn Testifies About Opportunities, Benefits of Raising Farm Animals
September 5, 2007Stallman Appointed to White House Trade Advisory Committee

August 31, 2007Net Farm Income Expected to Set New Record
August 29, 2007Stallman Talks Trade at Farm Progress Show
August 17, 2007AFBF: U.S. Agricultural Trade Strong Midway Through 2007
August 10, 2007Farm Bureau Encouraged by Administration's Farm Labor Initiative
August 10, 2007FB Analyst: August Yield Estimates May Be Highest of Year
August 9, 2007AFBF Market Update - August 2007
August 7, 2007FB Urges Senate Approval of Waterway Bill

July 27, 2007Farm Bureau Praises House Farm Bill Reform
July 23, 2007CWA Bill Could Hinder Food Production
July 23, 2007AFBF: Latest Cattle Report Shows Market Support
July 20, 2007Statement Regarding House Ag Committee Passage of Farm Bill Proposal
July 12, 2007Retail Food Prices Up 4 Percent In Second Quarter
July 11, 2007Statement Regarding Support for South Korea TPA
July 10, 2007AFBF in Support of Peterson Farm Bill Proposal
July 9, 2007AFBF: Corn Prices Have Small Impact on Higher Food Costs

June 28, 2007Statement Regarding Panama TPA Signing
June 28, 2007Statement Regarding Immigration Setback in Senate
June 21, 2007Statement Regarding the Breakdown of the G-4 Talks
June 21, 2007AFBF Supports New Cuba Legislation
June 20, 2007AFBF Market Update - June 2007
June 15, 2007Statement Regarding Senate Consideration of Immigration Reform
June 14, 2007Open Production Systems Not Always Humane
June 11, 2007Farm Bureau Files Brief in Supreme Court Property Rights Case
June 8, 2007Statement Regarding Senate Inability to Move Immigration Reform Forward
June 8, 2007Farm Bureau Honors Teachers for Roles in Ag Literacy
June 8, 2007Farm Bureau Awards Grants for Ag Education
June 6, 2007American Farm Bureau Endorses Senate Immigration Reform Bill
June 5, 2007Statement In Memory of Sen. Craig Thomas
June 1, 2007Statement Regarding Senate Consideration of Immigration Reform

May 23, 2007Statement Regarding the Clean Water Restoration Act
May 23, 2007Statement Regarding OIE Meat Safety Classification
May 18, 2007Statement Regarding Immigration Reform
May 18, 2007Gen. Colin Powell to Address Farm Bureau Members
May 17, 2007Statement Regarding Passage of WRDA
May 15, 2007AFBF, Monsanto and Farm Credit Select 4th PAL Class
May 10, 2007AFBF Presents "Golden Plow" to Sen. Saxby Chambliss
May 7, 2007APHIS Oversight Would Rejuvenate Ag Inspections
May 3, 2007AFBF Market Update - May 2007
May 1, 2007Broadband Internet Access Critical for Rural America

April 25, 2007AFBF: Farm Program's Three-Legged Safety Net Must Be Preserved
April 25, 2007American Farm Bureau Files Brief in Biotech Alfalfa Case
April 24, 2007Statement Regarding the Beef Trade with Japan
April 23, 2007Farm Bureau Offers Farm Bill Recommendations
April 20, 2007Statement Regarding the Water Resources Development Act of 2007
April 18, 2007Farm Bureau Calls River Infrastructure Updates Critical
April 18, 2007Statement Regarding Earth Day 2007 (April 22)
April 17, 2007FB: Livestock Market Oversight Must Change
April 2, 2007Retail Food Prices Rise Slightly in First Quarter
April 2, 2007Statement Regarding Finalization of the Korean FTA

March 30, 2007Farm Bureau Predicts Less Corn Planted Than USDA
March 29, 2007Farm Bureau Urges Congress to Keep Food Safe
March 27, 2007AFBF Market Update - March 2007
March 26, 2007Farm Bureau Economist Says March Has Been Wild
March 22, 2007AFBF Supports Bill to Repeal New Withholding Tax
March 21, 2007Farm Bureau Urges Less Dependency on Foreign Oil
March 20, 2007Barrier to U.S. Beef Threatens South Korea Trade Agreement
March 14, 2007Farm Bureau Advocates Public-Funded Research
March 9, 2007AFBF Presents "Golden Plow" to Rep. Collin Peterson
March 9, 2007NJFB President Appointed to AFBF Board
March 9, 2007FB Supports Bills to Exclude Livestock from Superfund
March 9, 2007Water Well System Maintenance - A Deep Subject
March 8, 2007Young Farmers, Ranchers More Optimistic Despite Hurdles
March 8, 2007AFBF to Support Panama TPA
March 2, 2007AFBF: Current Farm Bill Should Be Model for New Law
March 1, 2007Farm Bureau Applauds Proclamation of Farm Safety Week

February 28, 2007Montana Student Wins FB Collegiate YF&R Discussion Meet
February 28, 2007AFBF Welcomes Administration's Immigration Reform Effort
February 28, 2007Farm Bureau Supports Endangered Species Recovery Act
February 28, 2007AFBF Rallies Behind 25 x 25 Vision
February 27, 2007FB Economists Predict More Corn Used For Ethanol than USDA Expects
February 26, 2007Farm Bureau Foresees Challenges for U.S. Cattle Sector
February 22, 2007AFBF Market Update - January and February 2007
February 22, 2007State Farm Bureaus Tally Support for Food Banks
February 16, 2007AFBF Voices Support for Cuba Legislation
February 16, 2007Statement Regarding Need for Congress to Approve Trade Promotion Authority
February 16, 2007Farm Bureau Brings Awareness to Ag Safety
February 15, 2007FB: Cattle Inventory Report Has Positive Implications
February 5, 2007Farm Bureau Celebrates the Affordability of Food

January 31, 2007Farm Bureau to Study Administration Farm Bill Proposal
January 30, 2007Broad Coalition Supports Vital Farm Bill Spending
January 26, 2007Farm Bureau Seeks Cellulosic Ethanol Development
January 24, 2007Farm Bureau Urges Science in Legislation
January 22, 2007AFBF Seeks Applicants for PAL Class 4
January 10, 2007Grassroots Farm Bureau Leaders Elected
January 9, 2007Delegates Support Farm Safety Net, Immigration Reform
January 8, 2007State Farm Bureaus Recognized for Contributions
January 8, 2007Sam Donaldson Reports Leadership to FB Members
January 8, 2007Corn, Wheat Prices on the Rise, Cotton Struggling Slightly
January 8, 2007FB Members Examine EU Agriculture Policy
January 8, 2007State Farm Bureaus Honored for Excellence
January 8, 2007Young Farmers and Ranchers Win Top Honors
January 8, 2007Ag Secretary Johanns Highlights Next Farm Bill
January 8, 2007Peterson: Farm Bill Will Be the Same, But Different
January 8, 2007Credit Program Reduces Carbon Dioxide Emissions
January 8, 2007Premises Registration Will Minimize Losses
January 8, 2007Utah FB Member Advocates Farm Safety Change
January 8, 2007Beef Checkoff Using Nutrition to Boost Consumption
January 8, 2007Statement Regarding Canadian Request for WTO Consultations on Subsidies
January 8, 2007Dairy Checkoff Targets School Lunch Programs
January 8, 2007AFB Women Focus on Leadership in 2007
January 8, 2007Chinn Elected as YF&R Committee Chair
January 8, 2007Top Farmer Idea Award Goes to Texas FB Inventor
January 8, 2007Addressing Misconceptions About Agriculture
January 7, 2007Trade Official: Foreign Demand a U.S Ag Opportunity
January 7, 2007Activists Attack Animal Agriculture
January 7, 2007Solid Farm Program Needed for World Trade Talks
January 7, 2007Experts Optimistic About Continued Renewable Fuel Boom
January 7, 2007Farm Bureau’s Stallman: 2007 a Year of Opportunity
January 7, 2007Animal Agriculture Initiative Increases Awareness of Livestock’s Importance
January 7, 2007Stenholm, Miller Earn Distinguished Service Awards
January 7, 2007Market Experts See Challenges for Livestock Producers
January 5, 2007Ag Research on Display at Farm Bureau Convention
January 3, 2007Retail Food Prices Drop Slightly in Fourth Quarter
January 3, 2007AFBF Recognizes County Farm Bureaus for Excellence