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News Releases (Index of 2009 Releases)

December 28, 2009AFBF President Appoints New YF&R Committee Members
December 15, 2009Three Appointed to AFBF General Counsel Advisory Committee
December 8, 2009Ag Groups File Supreme Court Brief in Biotech Alfalfa Case
December 7, 2009Statement Regarding EPA Endangerment Finding Related to Climate Change
December 7, 2009Farm Bureau Reports 49th Year of Membership Growth
December 2, 2009Statement Regarding USDA Final Rule to Improve Transparency and Equity in Poultry Market

November 19, 2009Farm Bureau Urges Timely Disaster Payments for 2009 Crops
November 19, 2009Statement Regarding Permanent Extension of Charitable Food Donations
November 19, 2009Statement Regarding Delay of Climate Change Legislation
November 12, 2009Exciting Lineup for AFBF Annual Meeting in Seattle
November 12, 2009Classic Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Declines for 2009
November 10, 2009USDA Crop Reports Will Be Watched Closer Due to Late Harvest
November 5, 2009AFBF, Ag Library to Create Information Clearinghouse for Beginning Farmers
November 4, 2009Statement Regarding Ballot Measure Victories In Ohio and Texas
November 3, 2009AFBF Urges House to Oppose Health Care Bill
November 3, 2009Farm Bureau Petitions U.S. Supreme Court on Pesticide Case

October 29, 2009AFBF: S. 1733 Fails Farmers and Consumers
October 23, 2009Statement Regarding Introduction of House Estate Tax Legislation
October 23, 2009Outlook 'Cautiously Optimistic' for Agriculture
October 21, 2009Fuel Costs for Ag to Skyrocket Under House Climate Bill
October 9, 2009AFBF Economist Sees Improving Price Picture for Soybeans
October 9, 2009Statement Regarding USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture
October 9, 2009Statement Regarding U.S. Request for WTO Dispute Panel on Poultry
October 5, 2009Staple Food Prices Trending Down From Year Ago
October 2, 2009Farm Bureau Strongly Opposes Boxer-Kerry Climate Change Bill

September 30, 2009Proposed Changes to Renewable Fuel Standard Bad for Farmers
September 23, 2009Statement Regarding the Appointment of Chief Agricultural Negotiator
September 21, 2009AFBF Backs Health Insurance Tax Credit
September 17, 2009Free Trade Agreements Would Boost Ag Economy
September 11, 2009Financial Expert Set for AFBF Annual Meeting Conference
September 9, 2009Statement Regarding Committee Chair Appointments
September 4, 2009America's Heartland Season Five National Debut
September 3, 2009AFBF to Obama: Pork, Dairy Sectors Need Support

August 31, 2009Statement Regarding Awards in Brazil Cotton Dispute
August 12, 2009AFBF: Crop Report Bearish for Corn, Neutral for Soybeans
August 7, 2009Gridiron Great Terry Bradshaw to Address Farm Bureau

July 28, 2009Iowa Dairy Farmer Testifies Sector in a 'Price-Cost Squeeze'
July 22, 2009Removing 'Navigable' From CWA Creates Regulatory Quicksand
July 22, 2009AFBF: Rushing Climate Bill Would Be 'Height of Folly'
July 16, 2009U.S. Consumers Deserve Safe, Wholesome Food
July 16, 2009Tax Code Change Would Benefit America's Hungry
July 16, 2009AFBF Task Force Makes Budget Recommendations
July 14, 2009AFBF: Climate Bill Embarks on a Fool's Errand
July 10, 2009Conditions Point to Big Corn Crop, Lower Prices
July 2, 2009Nationwide, Food Prices Trending Down

June 30, 2009AFBF: Greater Corn Supplies Could Lead to Higher Ethanol Blend Rate
June 25, 2009Farm Bureau Honors Teachers for Ag Education
June 25, 2009AFBF: Vote 'No' on Climate Change Bill, 'Yes' on Peterson Amendment
June 24, 2009Statement Regarding Climate Change Legislation
June 24, 2009AFBF: It's Time to Implement the Farm Bill
June 24, 2009Farm Bureau Mini-Grants Foster Ag Education
June 19, 2009Farm Bureau PR Pros Honored for Excellence
June 16, 2009Counties and Farmers Fighting Federal Overreach of CWA
June 12, 2009AFBF: Even Rainwater would be Regulated Under the CWRA
June 11, 2009AFBF Urges Committee to Strengthen Climate Bill for Ag
June 10, 2009AFBF: Drop in Soybean Stocks Biggest News in Report
June 9, 2009AFBF: Broadband Internet Critical for Rural America
June 8, 2009American Agricultural Insurance Co. Names New CEO

May 21, 2009Ag, Energy Groups: Indirect Land Use Scheme Defies Reality
May 18, 2009AFBF Opposes House Climate Change Bill
May 18, 2009American Farm Bureau Picks 5th Leader Class
May 12, 2009AFBF: Cool, Wet Spring Delays Corn Planting
May 8, 2009FFA Scholarships Awarded to FB Family Students
May 7, 2009AFBF Seeks Section 32 Funding for Pork Purchases
May 7, 2009Statement Regarding EU Beef Hormone Agreement
May 5, 2009Statement Regarding President Obama's Biofuel Directive and EPA Proposed Rulemaking

April 29, 2009AFBF Calls for Increasing Ethanol Blend Up to 15 Percent
April 28, 2009Statement Regarding North American Influenza Concerns
April 24, 2009Statement Regarding Adverse Ruling on Fuel Standards by California Air Resource Board
April 22, 2009AFBF: Crop Insurance Works, but Improvement Possible
April 17, 2009Statement Regarding EPA Finding on Greenhouse Gases
April 17, 2009Statement Regarding Earth Day 2009
April 16, 2009CBO Shows Ethanol not Big Factor in Food Prices
April 15, 2009AFBF: High-Speed Broadband Critical for Farmers
April 14, 2009Statement Regarding Administration Easing Cuba Restrictions
April 14, 2009AFBF: Market-Oriented Focus Needed in Climate Change Bill
April 10, 2009AFBF Appeals Pesticide Ruling, Disappointed EPA Not Doing So
April 2, 2009Farm Bureau, Ducks Unlimited Applaud Base Acre Decision
April 2, 2009Food Prices Drop for Second Consecutive Quarter

March 31, 2009Slightly More Soybean Acres Expected in 2009
March 31, 2009AFBF Calls for Removal of Ban on Cuba Travel
March 30, 2009AFBF Opposes Changes to H-2A Labor Program
March 27, 2009Farm Bureau: USDA Milk Purchase Provides Two-Fold Assistance
March 25, 2009Farm Bureau Demands Fairness for Biofuels in Carbon Scoring
March 24, 2009AFBF to Obama: Mexico Sanctions for Trucking Hurt U.S. Ag
March 24, 2009Antibiotics Vital to Animal Health, Food Protection
March 23, 2009Statement Regarding Obama Family Planting a White House Garden
March 20, 2009Statement Regarding Confirmation of Kirk as USTR
March 19, 2009Apply Now For Women's Communications Boot Camp
March 12, 2009Ag Groups Strongly Oppose Farm Safety Net Cuts
March 5, 2009Spirit of Optimism Buoys Young Farmers, Ranchers
March 5, 2009Stallman: Bold Action on Tariffs Would Help Stop Global Slide
March 5, 2009Farm Bureau Calls ‘Cow Tax’ Bill Timely and Critical
March 5, 2009Rep. Tim Holden Earns Farm Bureau Golden Plow Award

February 26, 2009Stallman Highlights Rural Development at USDA Forum
February 26, 2009Ground Water and Wells: How to Protect the Water Supply
February 25, 2009Statement Regarding President Obama’s Speech to Joint Session of Congress
February 25, 2009Statement Regarding Court Ruling About Dust Regulations
February 17, 2009Statement Regarding Stimulus Provisions for Agriculture
February 17, 2009North Carolina Student Wins FB Collegiate YF&R Discussion Meet
February 12, 2009Food Check-Out Week Evolves to Include Nutrition
February 11, 2009National Ground Water Awareness Week Calls for Good Stewardship
February 11, 2009Dairy Farmers Facing ‘Incredibly Difficult Circumstances’
February 10, 2009AFBF Launches Consumer Web Site
February 9, 2009State Farm Bureaus Provide Record-Breaking Support to Food Banks

January 22, 2009Farm Bureau Urges Ag, Rural Focus in Stimulus Bill
January 13, 2009FB: Farmers Need Policies that Promote Economic Growth
January 13, 2009FB Members Donate Funds to AFB Foundation for Ag
January 13, 2009Sec. Schafer: U.S. Agriculture Can Be Force for Peace
January 13, 2009Bill Bradley: ‘Can-Do’ Spirit Will Sustain America
January 12, 2009Eckel, LaHood Earn Distinguished Service Awards
January 12, 2009Economist Sees Another Year of Struggle for Livestock Producers
January 12, 2009Young Farmers and Ranchers Take Top Honors
January 12, 2009Rural Residents Work to Strengthen Their Communities
January 12, 2009EU Official: Europe Must Eventually Accept Biotech
January 12, 2009Lohr Tells Farmers to Create their Future
January 12, 2009AFBF-Backed Alliance Charts Impressive Ag Gains
January 12, 2009Ag, Forestry Leaders in Reducing Greenhouse Gases
January 12, 2009‘Sowing the Wind’ Play Conveys Farm Safety Message
January 12, 2009U.S. Must “Wake Up’ to Fiscal Realities
January 12, 2009Canadian Officials: Trade Key to Economic Prosperity
January 12, 2009Farmers Urged to ‘Become Activists’ for Agriculture
January 12, 2009Biofuels Positioned to Grow, But Challenges Loom
January 12, 2009Foundation for Agriculture Presents Eagle Awards
January 12, 2009Top Farmer Idea Award Goes to Indiana FB Inventor
January 11, 2009Economist Sees Lower Crop Prices in 2009
January 11, 2009Biotech Industry Tags ‘GE-free’ Labels as Misleading
January 11, 2009AFBF Recognizes 15 County Farm Bureaus for Excellence
January 11, 2009Non-Traditional Leadership Roles Urged for FB Women
January 11, 2009Meals Elected as YF&R Committee Chair
January 11, 2009State Farm Bureaus Recognized for Excellence
January 11, 2009After Record 2008, Grain Exports Face Challenges in 2009
January 11, 2009Stallman: Farmers Ready to Work with New Administration
January 7, 2009Volunteer to Help Farmers in Developing Countries
January 7, 2009Retail Food Prices Drop Slightly in Last Quarter of 2008