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News Releases (Index of 2011 Releases)


December 14, 2011 New National YF&R Committee Members Appointed
December 13, 2011 New Game Teaches Students to Distinguish Fact from Fairy Tale
December 13, 2011 Register Now for 2nd Annual Beginning Farmer Conference
December 6, 2011 AFBF Urges House to Bite the Dust
December 2, 2011 AFBF: Farm Youth Labor Rule Overreaches DOL Authority

November 17, 2011 EPA's Crushing Regulatory Burdens Threaten Family Farms
November 17, 2011 Statement Regarding Passage of Withholding Tax Repeal
November 10, 2011 Statement Regarding Russia's Accession to the WTO
November 10, 2011 Classic Thanksgiving Dinner Costing More in 2011
November 9, 2011 Tight Stocks, Strong Demand Continue for Corn Market
November 3, 2011 EPA Chesapeake Bay Model Undermining Public Confidence

October 26, 2011 AFBF Recognizes 25 County Farm Bureaus for Excellence
October 25, 2011 New House Bill Prevents EPA Dust Regulation
October 21, 2011 AFBF Proposes 'Systemic Risk Reduction' Farm Program
October 21, 2011 AFBF Heralds President Obama's Signing of Trade Pacts
October 12, 2011 Farmers and Ranchers Welcome Ratification of Trade Pacts
October 12, 2011 USDA Reports Drop in Corn Crop, Harvested Acres
October 12, 2011 FCC Must Test Technical Fixes Related to GPS
October 6, 2011 AFBF Board Elects Potts as Executive Vice President
October 4, 2011 AFBF Urges Congress to Hold Line on Capital Gains Rate
October 3, 2011 Statement Regarding Submission of Trade Pact Legislation
October 3, 2011 New 'My American Farm' Memory Game Caters to K-2

September 13, 2011 Global Demand Drives Food Prices Higher in Third Quarter
September 13, 2011 New Legislation Aims to Prevent EPA Regs on Farm Dust
September 12, 2011 Hot, Dry Weather Shrinks Nation's Corn Crop
September 1, 2011 Protect Your Groundwater Day Set for Sept. 13

August 24, 2011 'My American Farm' Kiosks Hit the Road
August 18, 2011 My American Farm Site Expands With New Game
August 11, 2011 August USDA Report Confirms Tight Corn Crop
August 10, 2011 AFBF Pleased by DOT Guidance on Ag Transportation
August 10, 2011 FCC Review of LightSquared Broadband Network Needed
August 2, 2011 Statement Regarding Debt Ceiling Bill

July 29, 2011 Columnist Dave Barry to Keynote AFBF Annual Meeting
July 27, 2011 Report Confirms Flaws in Government Chesapeake Bay Analyses
July 26, 2011 America's Heartland Launches Seventh Season on Public TV
July 26, 2011 Higher Energy Prices Hitting Farmers' Bottom Line
July 14, 2011 AFBF Outlines Steps to Ease Regulatory Nightmare
July 13, 2011 Approval of Clean Water Cooperative Federalism Act Urged
July 13, 2011 AFBF Urges Passage of Bill That Builds Biofuel Infrastructure
July 12, 2011 Tight Supply Situation Still Driving Corn Market
July 12, 2011 Agriscience Awards Honor Innovators
July 12, 2011 ACE Act Corrects Discriminatory Distribution of Title I Funds
July 8, 2011 Statement Regarding Completion of FTA Mock Markups
July 6, 2011 Statement Regarding Memorandum on Mexican Trucks

June 30, 2011 2011 Corn Acreage Higher than Analysts Expected
June 29, 2011 Statement Regarding FTA Movement in Congress
June 22, 2011 2011 Food and Farm Facts Now Available
June 14, 2011 American Century Farms the Focus of New Interactive Site
June 9, 2011 Weather Challenges Reflected in Latest USDA Crop Report
June 9, 2011 Energy Cost Run-up Drives Retail Food Prices
June 6, 2011 American Farm Bureau Picks 6th Leader Class

May 27, 2011 AFBF: 3 Percent Withholding Tax Needs Repeal
May 24, 2011 AFBF Advocates Passing FTAs at World Trade Month Event
May 23, 2011 AFBF Estimates 3.6M Ag Acres Hit by Floods
May 12, 2011 AFBF: Congress Should Act Now on FTAs
May 11, 2011 Corn Supply Tight Despite Projected Record Crop
May 4, 2011 Statement Regarding Recent Activity on Korea Trade Agreement
May 3, 2011 AFBF: Crop Protection Registration is Broken
May 2, 2011 Joint Statement on Lack of Progress in Doha Round

April 19, 2011 Statement Regarding Panama Free Trade Agreement
April 18, 2011 Statement Regarding Congressional Opposition to Clean Water Act 'Guidance'
April 8, 2011 April Report Pegs Corn Supply at 5 Percent of Total Use
April 6, 2011 Statement Regarding Colombia Free Trade Agreement
April 6, 2011 Statement Regarding 2012 Budget Proposal by House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan
April 5, 2011 Form 1099 Repeal Great News for Farm and Ranch Families
April 5, 2011 Retail Staple Food Prices Rise in First Quarter
April 5, 2011 AFBF Urges Members to Support Japan Relief Efforts
April 1, 2011 Statement Regarding Passage of H.R. 872, The Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act of 2011
April 1, 2011 AFBF Delegation in Panama, Colombia to Support FTAs

March 31, 2011 Plantings Report Shows Gains in Corn, Cotton Acreage
March 31, 2011 Statement Regarding Introduction of Estate Tax Bill H.R. 1259
March 31, 2011 Fuel Costs Go Beyond Sticker Shock for Farmers, Ranchers
March 28, 2011 AFBF Intervenes in Pesticide Lawsuit
March 16, 2011 Farmers Prevail in Court Decision on EPA Livestock Rules
March 16, 2011 AFBF: EPA Chesapeake Bay Regs Threaten Agriculture
March 11, 2011 AFBF Applauds House Passage of Veterinary Health Bill
March 10, 2011 AFBF: Drop in Wheat Exports Biggest News in Report
March 9, 2011 Seven Teachers Honored for Promoting Agricultural Literacy
March 9, 2011 Agricultural Literacy Mini-Grants Benefit Local Communities
March 3, 2011 Statement Regarding U.S.-Mexico Agreement on Trucking
March 3, 2011 AFBF Backs Bills to Preempt EPA Greenhouse Gas Regs
March 3, 2011 Statement Regarding Introduction of Bipartisan Bill to Eliminate Duplicative Permit Requirement for Pesticide Applications
March 3, 2011 87 Percent of Young Farmers, Ranchers Express More Optimism
March 2, 2011 AFBF Urges House to Repeal Form 1099 Requirements

February 24, 2011 Rep. Shimkus Earns Farm Bureau 'Golden Plow' Award
February 24, 2011 Ground Water Awareness Week Set for March 6-12
February 22, 2011 Food Check-Out Week Focuses on Healthy, Nutritious Food
February 18, 2011 Farm Bureau, Soybean Checkoff Partner on Facebook Page
February 16, 2011 Ohio Student Wins FB YF&R Collegiate Discussion Meet
February 16, 2011 Farm Bureau Support of Feeding America Breaks Records
February 9, 2011 EPA GHG Regulations Brings 'Double Economic Jolt' to Ag
February 1, 2011 Statement Regarding Sen. Roberts Voted Ag Committee Ranking Member

January 28, 2011 Statement Regarding USDA Decision to Deregulate Roundup Ready Alfalfa
January 25, 2011 AFBF: Inaction on FTAs is Hurting U.S. Economy
January 21, 2011 Farm Bureau, Hughes Ink Internet Service Agreement
January 19, 2011 Statement Regarding President Obama's Executive Order on Regulatory Reform
January 12, 2011 Social Media Helps Farmers Connect With Consumers
January 11, 2011 AFBF Calls for Strong Farm Safety Net, EPA Oversight
January 11, 2011 Over-regulation Continues to Hurt the Banking Industry
January 11, 2011 Mike Rowe: Farmers Need To Be Their Own Advocates
January 11, 2011 Delegates Urge Congressional Oversight of EPA
January 11, 2011 2011 Livestock Outlook Characterized by Tight Supplies
January 11, 2011 Top Farmer Idea Award Goes to Texas Farm Bureau Inventor
January 10, 2011 Young Farmers and Ranchers Take Top Honors
January 10, 2011 Heritage Foundation Warns Against Enviro Alarmism
January 10, 2011 Vilsack: Innovation Drives the Farmer and Farm Policy
January 10, 2011 Farmers Can Shape Their Future with Social Media
January 10, 2011 Foundation for Agriculture Presents Awards
January 10, 2011 Thompson Selected for Distinguished Service Award
January 10, 2011 AFBF Lawsuit Challenges EPA's Chesapeake Pollution Rule
January 10, 2011 USDA Economist Sees More Crop Acreage in 2011
January 10, 2011 Expert: Consumer and Production Demands Can Be Met
January 10, 2011 FB Women Challenged to Speak Out for Ag
January 10, 2011 Let's Play: New and Improved Ag Online Game Launched
January 10, 2011 Foundation for Agriculture Announces Book of the Year
January 10, 2011 EPA's Power Grab Will Affect All of U.S. Society
January 10, 2011 USDA and FDA Officials Discuss Food Safety Oversight
January 9, 2011 Rural RN: Farmers Can Prevent Hearing Loss, Skin Cancer
January 9, 2011 Deficit Will be Key Driver in Farm Bill Debate
January 9, 2011 Ben LaCross of Michigan Elected YF&R Committee Chair
January 9, 2011 State Farm Bureaus Recognized for Excellence
January 9, 2011 Stallman Outlines New Spirit of Ag Advocacy
January 9, 2011 AFBF Recognizes 15 County Farm Bureaus for Excellence
January 8, 2011 Korean Ambassador Optimistic Trade Agreement Will be Ratified
January 5, 2011 Retail Staple Food Prices Edge Higher in Fourth Quarter