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News Releases (Index of 2012 Releases)

December 21, 2012Statement Regarding Victory for Maryland Poultry Farmers
December 20, 2012EPA Withdraws Order In the Face of Farmer's Lawsuit
December 19, 2012Farm Bureau Announces Photo Contest Winners
December 13, 2012AFBF Selects New YF&R Committee Members
December 12, 2012Monthly Crop Report Shows Little Change in Corn, Soybeans
December 6, 2012Statement Regarding Senate Passage of PNTR for Russia
December 5, 2012AFBF Urges Senate to Pass Russia PNTR

November 28, 2012AFBF Urges Presidential Declaration for Mississippi River
November 28, 2012Country Musicians to Perform for AFBF in 'Music City, USA'
November 20, 2012Stewardship, Neighbor-to-Neighbor Farming Urged
November 20, 2012New AFBFA Curriculum: Feeding Minds, Cultivating Growth
November 16, 2012Statement Regarding House Passage of PNTR for Russia
November 14, 2012Schools Receive Agriculture in a Growing World Grants
November 14, 2012AFBF Urges House to Pass Russia PNTR
November 9, 2012USDA Increases Corn and Soybean Production Forecast
November 8, 2012Cost of Classic Thanksgiving Dinner Up Slightly This Year
November 7, 2012Statement Regarding Election and Lame Duck Session

October 19, 201225 County Farm Bureaus Recognized for Excellent Programs
October 15, 2012Shoppers Find Higher Prices for Breakfast Items
October 11, 2012Court Allows AFBF to Join Farmer Lawsuit Against EPA
October 5, 2012AFBF Presents Case on Chesapeake Bay Regulations

September 24, 2012Obama & Romney Outline Positions on Farm Issues
September 20, 2012Cap Gains Tax Precludes Farmers from Passing Torch
September 12, 2012USDA Forecasts Lower Corn and Soybean Production
September 12, 2012Farm Bureau Members Rally for a "Farm Bill Now"
September 11, 2012K-2 Kids can now Explore the Farmers Market Online
September 11, 2012Protecting Groundwater Benefits the Public and Environment
September 6, 2012AFBF, Others Urge Senate to Refrain from Disaster Bill

August 29, 2012Farm Bureau Photo Contest Kicks Off Sept. 1
August 29, 2012Agriculture Leaders Announced as Rally Emcees
August 10, 2012USDA Forecasts Sharply Reduced Corn, Soybean Crops
August 1, 2012Statement Regarding House Disaster Assistance Legislation

July 30, 2012Stallman: AFBF Will Oppose Farm Bill Extension
July 25, 2012AFBF: Report Shows Real Harm of Estate Taxes
July 24, 2012USDA Drought Actions Will Help Farmers, Ranchers
July 24, 2012Farm Groups Urge House to Preserve Family Farms
July 20, 2012AFBF Asks to Join Poultry Farmer's Lawsuit Against EPA
July 19, 2012Statement Regarding 2012 Drought
July 19, 2012DuPont Pioneer Donation Supports My American Farm
July 16, 2012Retail Prices for Meats, Dairy and Eggs Decline Slightly
July 13, 2012AFBF: FDA's Livestock Antibiotic Proposals Based on Theory
July 13, 2012AFBF: Methyl Bromide is Indispensable to Farmers
July 12, 2012AFBF Applauds House Ag Committee Farm Bill
July 11, 2012Poor Growing Conditions Affect Grain Supply and Demand
July 11, 2012Retired Astronaut Mark Kelly to Keynote AFBF Annual Meeting
July 10, 2012AFBF Asks House to Turn Back Health Care Law
July 10, 2012Awards Honor Excellence in Agriscience
July 10, 2012Farm Bureau Weighs in on House Farm Bill

June 29, 2012AFBF: USDA Reports Show that Focus Remains on Weather
June 28, 2012Statement Regarding Supreme Court Decision on Health Care
June 21, 2012Statement Regarding Senate Farm Bill Passage
June 21, 2012Canada Joining Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement
June 20, 2012Increased Trade With Russia Will Benefit U.S. Farmers
June 19, 2012Statement Regarding Mexico Joining the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement
June 19, 2012EPA Regulation of Greenhouse Gases Will Burden Farmers
June 19, 2012State Farm Bureau PR Pros Honored for Work
June 18, 2012EPA Updates to Air Quality Standards Concern Farmers
June 13, 2012Use Science In Regulating Antibiotics
June 12, 2012PNTR for Russia Legislation Introduced
June 6, 2012Senate Committee Farm Bill Good for Young Farmers
June 5, 2012Agricultural Safety and Health Group Turns 50
June 4, 2012AFBF Outlines Priorities, Concerns with Farm Bill Legislation
June 4, 2012'In My Barn' Game Helps Young Students Build Math Skills

May 16, 2012AFBF: Multi-Legged Stool Best Approach for Farm Bill
May 16, 2012Farmers: Protect Your Skin on 'Don't Fry Day' and Every Day
May 15, 2012Statement Regarding USDA 150th Anniversary
May 10, 2012Soybean Crop Increases, But Supply to Dip to Historic Low
May 9, 2012AFBF Intervenes in Mississippi River Basin Case

April 30, 2012AFBF: New Bill Would Preserve Clean Water Act
April 27, 2012Farm Bureau Urges Approval of New Herbicide-Tolerant Corn
April 26, 2012Statement Regarding Withdrawal of Overreaching Child Labor Proposal
April 26, 2012Statement Regarding Committee Passage of 2012 Farm Bill
April 24, 2012Statement Regarding April 24 Detection of BSE
April 23, 2012AFBF Urges Senate Ag Committee to Move Farm Bill Forward
April 13, 2012Rep. Goodlatte Earns Farm Bureau 'Golden Plow' Award
April 12, 2012Meats and Cheese Drive Slight Increase in Retail Food Prices
April 10, 2012AFBF Analysis Sees Soybeans as New Market Driver

March 30, 2012Corn Acreage is Big News in USDA Planting Report
March 30, 2012AFBF Backs Senate and House Bills Reforming Estate Tax
March 29, 2012Statement Regarding the Preserve the Waters of the U.S. Act
March 28, 2012Statement Regarding the Preserving Rural Resources Act
March 27, 2012AFBF, Others File Sage Grouse Comments
March 26, 2012Nine Teachers Honored for Promoting Agricultural Literacy
March 21, 2012Statement Regarding Court Ruling in Sackett v. EPA
March 16, 2012PNTR With Russia is Significant for U.S. Ag
March 14, 2012Farm Bureau Favors Strong, Fiscally Sound Farm Policy
March 14, 2012Local Communities Benefit from Ag Literacy Mini-Grants
March 13, 2012AFBF: Chesapeake Bay Bill Good for Farms, Economy
March 13, 2012AFBF Supports Farm Truck Measures in Transportation Bill
March 8, 2012Land Availability, Government Regs Concern Young Farmers
March 2, 2012Groundwater Awareness Week Set for March 11-17

February 27, 2012Interactive Century Farms Site Seeking Recommendations
February 24, 2012Court Backs Need for Science in Federal Water Rules
February 23, 2012Statement Regarding 'PPL v. Montana' Streambed Case
February 23, 2012Cut Costs, Not Nutrition During Food Check-Out Week
February 23, 2012California State Collegian Wins Discussion Meet
February 22, 2012Farmers, Ranchers Contribute to Hunger Program
February 21, 2012'My Little Ag Me' Game Invites K-2 Students to Explore
February 17, 2012AFBF Applauds House Action on Energy Security
February 16, 2012FB Urges Funding Change for Disadvantaged Students
February 2, 2012Farmer: Child Labor Regs Need Further Revision
February 1, 2012Statement Regarding Child Labor Rule Decision

January 30, 2012AFBF, Plaintiffs File for Judgment in Chesapeake Bay Case
January 25, 2012AFBF Urges Congress to Reject Antibiotic Restrictions
January 24, 2012Egg Legislation Replaces Science with Politics
January 11, 2012AFBF Delegates Approve Flexible, Fiscally Sound Farm Policy
January 9, 2012Farmers Need To Fight Hyper Regulation with Involvement
January 9, 2012Sec. Vilsack Praises Agriculture, Farm Bureau Members
January 9, 2012High Volatility, 'Fierce' Acreage War Ahead for Growers
January 9, 2012Climate Change Not Likely to Harm Ag
January 9, 2012Young Farmers and Ranchers Take Top Honors
January 9, 2012Heritage Foundation Outlines New Environmental Vision
January 9, 2012Now is the Time to Make Your Estate Plans
January 9, 2012Farmer-Chef Relationships Highlight Local Foods on Hawaii
January 9, 2012Kruse Selected for Distinguished Service Award
January 9, 2012Livestock Outlook Appears Tight for 2012
January 9, 2012Recreation Offers Plentiful Income Opportunities for Farmers
January 9, 2012Asian Markets Will Benefit Ag in 2012
January 9, 2012Best to Enact New Farm Bill This Year
January 9, 2012Farmers Must Learn to Talk Consumers' Language
January 9, 2012Fieldprint Calculator Helps Farmers Protect the Environment
January 9, 2012Research Will Unlock the Potential of Corn Stover
January 9, 2012Farm Bureau Women: Engaged, Empowered, Strong
January 9, 2012Voters Involvement Will Cure Congress' Woes
January 9, 2012Foundation for Agriculture Announces Book of the Year
January 9, 2012Foundation for Agriculture Presents Awards
January 8, 2012My American Farm Sharing Agriculture's Story
January 8, 2012Glen Cope of Missouri Elected YF&R Committee Chair
January 8, 2012'Food and Farm Facts' - A Versatile Resource
January 8, 2012State Farm Bureaus Recognized for Excellence
January 8, 2012Stallman Outlines Agriculture's Successes; Challenges
January 4, 2012Retail Food Prices Moderate Slightly in Fourth Quarter