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News Releases (Index of 2013 Releases)

December 23, 2013Alan Robertson Speaking at AFBF Annual Convention
December 20, 2013New National YF&R Committee Members Appointed
December 19, 2013Foundation Selects My American Farm Photo Winner
December 4, 2013Statement Regarding Need for Farm Bill Conclusion
December 3, 2013Video Highlights Poultry Farmers' Victory Against EPA

November 27, 201325 Workshops in 5 Tracks on tap at AFBF Annual Convention
November 25, 2013New Resource Guide Assists Veterans in Agriculture
November 15, 2013Statement Regarding EPA's Proposed Cut to the RFS2
November 14, 2013Cost of Classic Thanksgiving Dinner Down for 2013
November 8, 2013Record Corn Crop, More Soybeans Forecast
November 6, 2013My American Farm Releases New Energy Game
November 6, 2013'Kings of Texas Swing' to Perform at AFBF Annual Convention
November 4, 2013Farm Bureau Announces Photo Contest Winners
November 1, 2013Groups Press Administration on Chinese Biotech Issues

October 30, 2013Statement Regarding Farm Bill Conference
October 29, 2013Farmers Rally in D.C. for Immigration Reform
October 29, 2013AFBF and 250-Plus Groups Urge Congress to Pass Farm Bill
October 28, 20133 Videos Show Why Farmers Need Immigration Reform
October 24, 2013Statement Regarding WRRDA House Passage
October 24, 2013Poultry Grower Lois Alt Prevails Against EPA
October 22, 2013County Farm Bureaus Honored for Innovative Programs
October 15, 2013Progress on Farm Bill Negotiations a Commendable Step
October 11, 2013Farm Bureau: Water Rights Must Remain With States
October 9, 2013$500 Farm Bureau Incentive Extended to all GM Models
October 8, 2013American Farm Bureau Appeals Chesapeake Bay Ruling
October 3, 2013Tesch to Lead AFB Foundation for Agriculture
October 3, 2013Shoppers Find Higher Prices for Poultry and Dairy Products
October 1, 2013A Tale of Two Farmers
October 1, 2013Statement Regarding Farm Bill Expiration

September 27, 2013AFBF Joins Port of Oakland, Advocates Infrastructure Funding
September 24, 2013AFBF Advocates for Port Expansion Projects
September 19, 2013Congress Must Finish a Farm Bill This Year
September 16, 2013Statement Re: Court Ruling Upholding EPA Chesapeake Bay TMDL
September 13, 2013AFBF Objects to Inflammatory Attacks in Privacy Suit
September 13, 2013New $1,000 Truck Incentive Available for FB Members
September 13, 2013AFBF Endorses House Waterways Bill
September 12, 2013More Corn, Smaller Soybean Stocks Predicted

August 27, 2013'My American Farm' Announces Kiosk Program Update
August 26, 2013Oregon Blueberry Farmers Struggle with Labor Availability
August 23, 2013'My American Farm' Updates and Releases New Games
August 21, 2013Tablet App for 'My American Farm' Now Available
August 21, 2013Gen. Stan McChrystal to Keynote AFBF Annual Convention
August 20, 2013AFBF's Stallman: 'Time for Congress to Get Things Done'
August 15, 2013American, Missouri FBs Team Up to Bring The Heat on Farm Bill
August 13, 2013USDA Report, Survey Data Peg Record Corn Crop
August 6, 2013Labor Issue Hits Home for Peach Growers, Consumers
August 5, 2013American Farm Bureau Acquires Leading Events, Publications
August 2, 2013Foundation Announces National Essay Contest Winner

July 30, 2013AFBF, 400 Others Call for House Immigration Reform
July 29, 2013Women's Communications Boot Camp Grads Recognized
July 15, 2013New Food and Farm Facts on Sale Now
July 11, 2013USDA Report Shows Corn and Soybeans Hold Steady
July 11, 2013Statement Regarding House Passage of Farm Bill
July 8, 2013Excellence in Agriscience Innovation Honored
July 5, 2013AFBF Files Suit to Protect Farmers' Privacy
July 3, 2013Statement Regarding Delay of Health-Law Employer Mandate
July 3, 2013White-Reinhardt Ag Literacy Mini-Grant Winners Announced
July 2, 2013AFBF & 532 Groups: Bring Farm Bill Back to House Floor
July 1, 2013Farm Bureau Seeks Ruling on Farmyard Stormwater
July 1, 2013Plan a July 4 Picnic for Less Than $6 per Person

June 28, 2013State Farm Bureau Communications Specialists Honored
June 27, 2013Statement Regarding Senate Passage of Immigration Reform
June 20, 2013Statement Regarding House Defeat of the Farm Bill
June 20, 2013New Beef Educator Guides Available
June 19, 2013AFBF: Death Tax Repeal Act 'Gets the Job Done'
June 17, 2013Statement Regarding Launch of U.S.-EU Trade Negotiations
June 12, 2013Weather Challenges Reflected in June WASDE Report
June 12, 2013Statement Regarding House Farm Bill Prospects
June 10, 2013Farm Bureau Commends Senate for Passing Farm Bill

May 21, 2013Statement Regarding Senate Judiciary Immigration Reform Bill
May 20, 2013Farm Bureau Kicks Off 2013 Photo Contest
May 16, 2013Statement Regarding Senate Approval of WRDA
May 15, 2013Statement Regarding House Agriculture Committee Approval of Bipartisan Farm Bill
May 15, 2013AFBF Urges Congress to Keep Current Tax Tools
May 14, 2013Statement Regarding Approval of Bipartisan Farm Bill
May 13, 2013Statement Regarding Biotech Crops Under Review for Deregulation
May 10, 2013USDA Predicts Record Corn Crop Despite Early Challenges
May 9, 2013Health Tax Would HIT Small Business Employees
May 7, 2013AFBF Joins Groups in New Crop Insurance Agreement
May 7, 2013WRDA Passage Essential for Economic Growth
May 2, 2013Statement Regarding USDA/EPA Honey Bee Report

April 26, 2013New Legislation Needed to Maintain Movement of Grains
April 24, 2013Trans-Pacific Partnership Offers Opportunities
April 24, 2013Farm Bureau Urges Support for Fruit, Veggie Farmers
April 23, 2013Court Refuses to Dismiss Poultry Farmer's Suit Against EPA
April 17, 2013Case IH and American Farm Bureau Announce Incentive Program
April 12, 2013Statement Regarding Framework Agreement on Ag Labor
April 12, 2013American Farm Bureau Picks 7th Leader Class
April 12, 2013Statement Regarding U.S. Approval of Japan TTP
April 10, 2013April Report Forecasts Tight Corn and Soybean Supply
April 9, 2013AFBF Lays Out Tax Reform Wish List
April 8, 2013Farm Bureau Sends Farm Bill Proposal to Capitol Hill
April 4, 2013Retail Food Prices Show Slight Increase

March 28, 2013USDA Planting Report Forecasts Slightly Bigger Corn Crop
March 28, 2013GM Rolls Out New Two-year Maintenance Program
March 26, 2013AFB, Inc. Launches New Member Benefits Website
March 26, 2013Thornton to Lead AFBF Communications
March 19, 2013New Waterway Bill Addresses Critical Needs
March 15, 2013Statement Regarding Japan Trans Pacific Partnership
March 12, 2013'Threatened' Listing Not Needed for Lesser Prairie-Chicken
March 8, 2013Time to Schedule Your Annual Water Well Checkup
March 7, 2013Adequate Land Ranks as Top Concern of Young Farmers
March 5, 2013New Taxes Burdensome for Farm and Ranch Families
March 5, 2013Sen. Johanns Awarded Farm Bureau 'Golden Plow'
March 1, 2013Antibiotics Remain Important for Animal and Public Health

February 28, 2013White-Reinhardt Ag Literacy Mini-grant Winners Announced
February 27, 2013Three States Awarded 'My American Farm' Kiosks
February 27, 2013Ten Honored for Educating About Agriculture
February 26, 2013Farm Bureau Urges New Ag Labor Guestworker Program
February 19, 2013Yes, It's Possible: Healthy, Nutritious Food on a Budget
February 19, 2013Rep. Lucas Earns Farm Bureau 'Golden Plow' Award
February 15, 2013Statement Regarding Farm Program Cuts
February 15, 2013New Bill Repealing HIT Good for Farmers, Ranchers
February 14, 2013Illinois Resident Wins YF&R Collegiate Discussion Meet
February 13, 2013Statement Regarding Launch of U.S.-EU Trade Negotiations
February 12, 2013Farm Bureau Raises Record Food, Funds for Feeding America
February 12, 2013AFBF Recognizes PAL Graduates for Leadership Achievement
February 11, 2013Farmer Donations Help Local Ronald McDonald Houses

January 31, 2013U.S. Producers to Benefit from New Japan Beef Trade Rules
January 29, 2013Statement Regarding Bipartisan Senate Immigration Principles
January 23, 2013Statement Regarding Senate Introduction of Farm Bill
January 23, 2013Moore to Lead AFBF Public Policy, Young Named Deputy
January 18, 2013AFBF Board Establishes Strategic Action Plan for 2013
January 15, 2013Farm Bureau Elects Grassroots Leaders
January 15, 2013AFBF Delegates Call for Flexible, Insurance-Based Farm Bill
January 15, 2013On-Farm Energy Development Gives Growers A Lot to Think About
January 15, 2013Efficient Transportation Remains Critical for Farmers
January 14, 2013Vilsack Urges Farmers to Reach Out Beyond Agriculture
January 14, 2013Retired Astronaut Mark Kelly Inspires Farm Bureau Members
January 14, 2013Young Farmers and Ranchers Win Big
January 14, 2013Drs. Crowder and Quinn Receive Distinguished Service Award
January 14, 2013Drought, Feed Costs Influence Livestock Markets in 2013
January 14, 2013Hunnicutt of Nebraska Elected YF&R Committee Chair
January 14, 2013Smithsonian Partners with American Farm Bureau Federation to Announce Initiative to Document Farm Innovation
January 14, 2013Farm Bureau Women Celebrate Outstanding Year
January 14, 2013Weather Continues to Dictate Crop Prices in 2013
January 14, 2013Ag Social Media 'Rock Stars' Encourage Farmers, Ranchers
January 13, 2013Innovative Program Ideas Showcased at Trade Show
January 13, 2013State Farm Bureaus Honored for Excellence
January 13, 2013Stallman Highlights Wins, Buoys Members for Action in 2013
January 13, 2013Foundation for Agriculture Presents Awards
January 13, 2013DuPont Invests $250,000 in My American Farm Resource
January 13, 2013Foundation for Agriculture Announces Book of the Year
January 11, 2013AFBF Analysts: Reports Paint Final Picture for 2012 Crops
January 11, 2013AFBF Joins Coalition Effort to Address Labor Needs
January 4, 2013AFB Foundation for Agriculture Online Auction Opens
January 4, 2013Retail Food Prices Decline Slightly in Fourth Quarter 2012
January 2, 2013Statement Regarding Fiscal Cliff Package, Farm Bill Extension