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January 14, 2013

Nebraska Farmer to Lead AFBF's YF&R Program

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Members of the American Farm Bureau’s Young Farmers and Ranchers Committee elected a new leader for 2013. In this report, AFBF’s Johnna Miller introduces you to Nebraska young farmer, Zach Hunnicutt.
Miller:Zach Hunnicutt farms in south central Nebraska with his dad and brother where they raise corn, popcorn, soybeans and some seed corn. Zach has a new responsibility for 2013, to lead the Young Farmers and Ranchers program for the nation’s largest farm organization.
Hunnicutt:I see us as the now and future leaders. We’re kind of a training ground for leadership in Farm Bureau.
Miller:This 5th generation farmer says he establishing goals for the group.
Hunnicutt:I’d like to see us spearhead some of the consumer engagement, get out there and talk to people about raising food, fiber and fuel for them. We’ve got a lot of young moms and dads that can relate to other parents.
Miller:Zach already has a lot of experience reaching out to consumers. 
Hunnicutt:I’ve been on Twitter and Facebook for several years, partly because I enjoy that kind of thing. I’m kind of a techie , so I try to join on those things, but I really like telling people about farming and agriculture and answering questions or fielding concerns. When you’re on Twitter, when you’re on Facebook, the whole world is your audience. We can connect with anybody anywhere about what we’re doing and share our passion about agriculture.
Miller:Zach says he also wants to encourage young farmers and ranchers to get involved in policy discussions. The importance of that was made clear to him when he testified before the House Agriculture Committee last year during hearings on the farm bill.
Hunnicutt:They specifically wanted a viewpoint of a young farmer and rancher since the policies that they’re developing are going to affect me a lot longer than people who are forming it. We can we can step up and provide that voice because we have that experience out in the field. We know how these things are going to affect us.
Miller:Reporting from the American Farm Bureau's Annual Meeting in Nashville. I'm Johnna Miller.
Miller:Newsline will be updated Sunday through Tuesday with new stories from our annual meeting in Nashville. Thank you for listening.

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