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January 15, 2013

AFBF Delegates Set Policies for 2013

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Delegates of the nation’s largest farm organization held firm on a lot of issues critical to agriculture. American Farm Bureau President Bob Stallman spoke to reporters about what the policies the organization approved at its annual meeting in Nashville. AFBF’s Johnna Miller has the story.
Miller:Delegates at the American Farm Bureau Federation's 94th annual meeting defined the organization's policy positions for the 2013. AFBF President Bob Stallman told reporters there wasn’t a lot of controversy amongst the policies this year, including with a new farm bill…a process that will be starting over in the new Congress.
Stallman:We basically reaffirmed support for the position we had. We did not have really substantive debate about changing the policy position. We changed a few words but we retain a lot of flexibility and at the same time I think we can influence the process.
Miller:Some members of Congress have mentioned a desire to work on comprehensive immigration reform. Farm Bureau members reaffirmed what they’d like to see happen on that issue.
Stallman:That’s figuring out a way to replace and/or streamline the current seasonal and temporary program and at the same time bring a lot of those that have been in the shadows with false documents and are not here legally out of the shadows and provide them opportunity through a visa to work either at-will or in contract employment.
Miller:AFBF members also stuck to their previous policy on regulatory policy.
Stallman:All federal agencies should be held to the strictest interpretation of the law and that federal agencies shouldn’t legislate through regulatory change.
Miller:From the American Farm Bureau Annual Meeting in Nashville, I’m Johnna Miller.
Miller:Newsline will be updated Sunday through Tuesday with new stories from our annual meeting in Nashville. Thank you for listening.

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