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February 19, 2013

It's Food Check-Out Week

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This is Food Check-Out Week. Don’t know what that is? American Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee Chair Terry Gilbert explains in this story from AFBF’s Johnna Miller.
Miller:Farmers and ranchers not only grow our food, but they also want to make sure consumers know how to save money while putting that food on the table. That’s the point of Food Checkout Week, a project of the American Farm Bureau’s Women’s Leadership Committee.
Gilbert:We want people to start understanding that they can buy healthy, nutritious food and keep it on a budget and that feeding your family nutritiously is not as hard as they might think it is.
Miller:Terry Gilbert is chair of the Women’s Leadership Committee and a cattle farmer from Kentucky. She says stretching your grocery dollar with healthy, nutritious food is a timely topic as many Americans continue to look for ways to deal with a tight economy. Plus Food Checkout Week is an opportunity for farmers and ranchers to meet face to face with consumers who are buying the fruits of their labor.
Gilbert:We had some really positive conversations. We were all able to share a little bit about what we do on our farms and ranches.
Miller:Gilbert says it’s good to remind people that food comes from farms and ranches…not the grocery store.
Gilbert:We’re just trying to make an understanding and make a connection with consumers. We’re the farmers that grow the food that you’re eating. 
Miller:Johnna Miller, Washington.
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