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December 23, 2013

Benefits of Real Christmas Trees

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Miller:About 25-30 million real Christmas trees are sold in the U.S. every year, but that only makes up about 23 percent of trees sold. The rest are artificial trees. Of course Oregon Christmas tree grower Bob Schaefer of Noble Mountain Tree Farm is partial to real trees, but he points out they are more environmentally friendly than fake trees, which are…
Schaefer:A petroleum-based product you know. It’s made in China. So it has to be shipped over here. just the production and the shipping of the product is probably not the most environmentally sound thing in the world.
Miller:One acre of Christmas trees produces the daily oxygen needed for 18 people. Plus tree farms provide habitat for wildlife.
Schaefer:A lot of Christmas trees are planted on marginal farm ground, but it’s good for Christmas trees. So it’s utilizing ground that might otherwise not be very productive.
Miller:Christmas trees are a renewable resource. For every real Christmas tree harvested, three seedlings are planted in its place. And after the holidays, trees are recycled throughout the country into mulch and compost, and even used to prevent beach erosion and provide fish habitat.
Schaefer:Recycling is really encouraged. All of our trees have recycling information on them and we certainly hope people will recycle them. You throw an artificial tree in the landfill and it’s going to be there 10,000 years from now.
Miller:Johnna Miller, Washington.

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