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January 9, 2014

Farm Bureau Members to Meet in San Antonio

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AFBF’s Johnna Miller has the story.
MillerThis year the nation’s largest farm organization is making a bigger splash with their 95th annual convention. About 6,500 Farm Bureau members are expected to gather in San Antonio to enjoy more speakers, workshops and entertainment.
StallmanWe’ve tried to make it more of an exciting event this year for those members that are there to find out about the organization, sometimes take a little trip, renew old friendships they’ve created over the years.
MillerHighlighted speakers include Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, retired General Stanley McChrystal and Alan Robertson from Duck Dynasty. Plus there will be entertainment from John Wesley, Josh Turner and Asleep at the Wheel.
StallmanThe convention is the part that we provide for all the registered members that show up. Our annual meeting is our business session where we actually conduct the official business of the organization and the most important part of that being establishing what our policy positions are going to be for the coming year.
MillerStallman says it’s the fruition of the grassroots process that started in counties around the country last fall and focuses on issues important to agriculture.
StallmanThat includes things like the farm bill, immigration reform, the Renewable Fuels Standard. Those are the issues that are going to be teed up again as we move into 2014. But then of course there are also issues that people want to have a discussion about. That would be things like country of origin labeling, our immigration policy and what that means for an ag guestworker program. So what we will do is take what we’ve carried forward to 2014, probably finesse and adjust it a little bit through the policy debate, but then everybody will be onboard and have a clear path for what we need to do in this second session of this Congress.
MillerJohnna Miller, Washington.

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