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January 12, 2014

Stallman Calls for Members to Hold Congress Accountable

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MillerIn his annual address to members of the American Farm Bureau Federation, AFBF president Bob Stallman told the crowd it’s time to hold the least productive Congress in history accountable for its lack of action. He asked members to let lawmakers know it’s time to bridge their differences and pass overdue legislation important to U.S. agriculture.
StallmanCongress is falling down on the job of addressing the nation’s needs, including your needs as the producers of our nation’s bounty.
MillerStallman said those needs include passage of a new farm bill, waterways infrastructure improvements and immigration reform that includes a new agricultural worker program.
StallmanEven if you, personally, don’t need a lot of ag labor, just imagine how it would feel to see your crop rot in the field. How it would feel to have a year’s worth of work thrown away without any income, because you could not find any help, while Congress dithers and delays. We need to tell Congress to get this job done now.
MillerStallman said he has confidence in farmers’ and ranchers’ ability to spur their lawmakers to act and to replace them if they don’t.
StallmanThese are all crucial issues on which Congress has started the job, but still has to finish it. I don’t know what you do on your farms when an employee doesn’t get the job done, but I think I can make a pretty good guess. Members of Congress get a paycheck from Uncle Sam. But they don’t work for the government. They don’t work for their political parties. They work for you. You are the boss. You promote some. You fire a few, but you must hold all of them accountable.
MillerAt the AFBF Annual Convention in San Antonio. I’m Johnna Miller.

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