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January 13, 2014

Vilsack: Farmers See Need for Farm Bill

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The top agriculture person in the Obama Cabinet continues to talk about the need for passage of the long-awaited farm bill. Tom Steever has the story.
SteeverU.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told American Farm Bureau members Monday that no one better recognizes the need for farm legislation than the farmers who’ve benefited from trade promotion.
VilsackThey understand that for every dollar we invest in that trade promotion, we get $35 of trade activity. They understand why we need a farm bill, they understand we need those portions of the farm bill that allow us to expand market opportunities, not just internationally, but domestically.
SteeverDuring a news conference following his address, Vilsack told reporters that progress shown by the Farm Bill Conference Committee has caused him to think about options other than reverting to 1949 farm legislation.
VilsackI asked our team to sort of move away from thinking about permanent law to thinking about how would we implement a new law. That’s a much more pleasant task.
SteeverTo conclude his speech, Secretary Vilsack told American Farm Bureau members that their productivity has provided people in the country the freedom to enter other occupations that don’t involve raising food.
VilsackAnd every farmer in this country should be valued, appreciated and thanked because we in this country have been extraordinarily blessed by you.
SteeverAt the AFBF Annual Convention in San Antonio. I’m Tom Steever.

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