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January 14, 2014

Farm Bureau Sets Policy for 2014

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The nation’s largest farm organization wrapped up its 95th Annual Convention in San Antonio by setting its policy positions for the year ahead. AFBF president Bob Stallman talks about some of those policies in this story from AFBF’s Johnna Miller.
MillerThe American Farm Bureau Federation has set its policy for 2014. 357 voting delegates, representing every crop and livestock sector in the country, voted on issues important to the nation’s farmers and ranchers. Foremost were resolutions for the organization to push Congress to wrap up unfinished legislation important to agriculture, like the farm bill and agricultural labor reform.
StallmanThe message to the Congress is that what we’ve been encouraging you to provide, we’re pretty united behind that. I think that’s a positive because it shows that we’re still focused and still united and want to move forward on some of these big issues.
MillerAFBF president Bob Stallman, who was reelected to his 8th term, said delegates also maintained their support for the Renewable Fuels Standard – or RFS.
StallmanWe will be working with other like-minded groups in trying to make the case that we shouldn’t be rolling it back at this point in time. We’ll also be trying to beat back some legislative vehicles that may want to change up the RFS or our policy toward biofuels in a negative fashion.
MillerRegarding a relatively new issue, delegates stressed the need for an expansion of private property rights that takes into consideration new information-gathering technology like drones and so-called “big data.”
StallmanThe idea that farmers give up their individual data in return to participate in technology programs provided by major companies and that data once aggregated provides value. The question is, who receives the value and how should the value proposition be split up and also what happens to the data as far as privacy.
MillerFrom the American Farm Bureau convention in San Antonio, I’m Johnna Miller.

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