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May 8, 2014

Farm Bill Information Now Available Through Website

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The American Farm Bureau Federation recently launched a website that includes a series of webinar videos that provide an overview of some of the key programs in the 2014 farm bill. Seanica Otterby has the story.
OtterbyThe American Farm Bureau’s new video series on key farm bill provisions provides bite-size pieces for farmers, landowners and other stakeholders on the complex legislation, according to Farm Bureau deputy chief economist John Anderson.
AndersonThe main goal is to just give people information that they can use in the decision making process that’s going to be coming up as a consequence of this new farm bill.
OtterbyAnderson says there are many questions about the changes in the farm bill, but there are many decisions for farmers to make before USDA is ready for them to sign-up for new programs.
AndersonOne of the videos gives an overview of the commodity and crop insurance programs that are new in this farm bill. Then we’ve got videos that deal specifically with all of the major new commodity programs: The Price Loss Coverage program and the associated Supplemental Coverage Option. The Agricultural Risk Coverage program, the new Margin Protection Program for dairy and the STAX program for cotton.
OtterbyVideos will be available through program sign-up at FB dot org (www.fb.org).
AndersonThe website will be updated frequently to make sure that it’s kind of a one-stop shop for people to go to and find information, not just the videos that are out there, but information that other people are producing that’s good and reliable and useful to producers. We hope that the website itself will kind of be a clearinghouse that people can refer to, to get a good set of sources on farm bill information.
OtterbySeanica Otterby, Washington.

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