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June 12, 2014

GMO Answers Creates Open, Transparent Dialogue with Consumers

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GMO Answers is an initiative created by the biotechnology industry to develop an open, transparent dialogue about biotechnology and how food is grown. GMO Answers spokesperson Cathleen Enright, vice president of food and agriculture at the Biotechnology Industry Organization, says the biotechnology industry is working to share positive stories about agricultural biotechnology beyond agriculture circles. Seanica Otterby has more on this initiative.
OtterbyThe GMO Answers initiative focuses on open, transparent communication with consumers, which Cathleen Enright, executive vice president of food and agriculture at the Biotechnology Industry Organization, says is very important.
EnrightWe just hadn’t done a good job communicating about what we do. For example, things as simple as how GMOs are developed and tested, why farmers choose them or not, and what the safety data says. And as a result, we were really forfeiting public opinion about GMOs.
OtterbyGMO Answers is multi-pronged, but Enright says it is website-based.
EnrightThe hallmark of the initiative is a public Q&A about GMOs, where third-party independent experts as well as biotechnology company employees answer consumers’ questions publicly.
OtterbyConsumers are invited to visit the website and ask any question, and Enright says many have. Since GMO Answers was launched last year, more than 700 questions have been asked and about 500 have been answered.
EnrightThe goal is to provide a one-stop resource about GMOs that will enable consumers to decide for themselves how they feel about the technology and the products, but with facts in hand and with a fuller appreciation of the full conversation that’s taking place online and across social media about GMOs.
OtterbyFor more information, visit GMOanswers.com. Seanica Otterby, Washington.

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