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July 22, 2014

Overcoming Challenges Surrounding Biotechnology

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For more than 20 years, biotechnology has helped farmers increase productivity to meet the food demands of a growing population. Although it continues to face consumer criticism, the future of biotechnology looks bright. Seanica Otterby has the story.
OtterbyBiotechnology is just one of the tools farmers use to produce more with less. Barry Bushue, the American Farm Bureau’s vice president, says it’s an important tool, which is why Farm Bureau continues to actively engage in the discussion to protect what farmers need to do their jobs.
BushueIf general farm organizations don’t protect all types of agriculture and all the tools that are so necessary to continue to feed the United States and the world, you start losing them one by one.
OtterbyBushue says agriculture has always rapidly adopted technology, from the plow to biotechnology today. He says upcoming research will help broaden the use of biotechnology.
BushueMany of them are going to have direct applications and benefits to consumers, and so we think that will benefit not only the agriculture industry, but our consumers, and make it a much broader picture of the use of GMOs.
OtterbyBushue says the benefits of genetically modified organisms have not been communicated to consumers as effectively as they could be, but widespread misconceptions can be overcome.
BushueWe need to continue to advocate for these tools. These seed companies have to take an active and proactive method, as does the farmers that use these products. I’m hoping that we’ll start making a difference in the public eye as they start to learn the real truth and the real facts about biotechnology.
OtterbySeanica Otterby, Washington.

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