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August 5, 2014

Ad Campaign Shows Need for Immigration Reform

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With Congress now on August recess, farmers and ranchers have the opportunity to talk with their elected officials about current issues in agriculture. Micheal Clements has more.
ClementsFor farmers like Bernie Thiel of Texas, immigration and labor top the list. Thiel is featured in a new digital ad campaign from the American Farm Bureau and the Partnership for a New American Economy. AFBF labor specialist Kristi Boswell says Thiel shredded 10 acres of squash due to the lack of a labor force.
BoswellIt’s a heart-wrenching story. It really places the immigration debate on the forefront and what’s happening in the real world. This issue impacts farmers on the ground and consumers in the grocery store. It says in the ad he wants to provide a fresh product to consumers. Unfortunately he was unable to do that to the full extent due to the lack of a labor force.
ClementsWith few workdays left for Congress and the election year, Boswell says it’s important to remind lawmakers they still have a job to do.
BoswellAt the end of the day it matters what their constituents are saying and our Farm Bureau members need to use this opportunity when everyone is back home, in districts, in their states, use the immigration ad. Anyway they can engage with their member of Congress or the senators is really, really important.
ClementsThe digital ad on immigration and more information on how you can help is available online.
BoswellThere’s more information available to all of our members at www.fbactinsider.org. There’s a lot of fact sheets, information and activities that we’re going to be doing in August and throughout the year. It’s a great place to get some resources about how you can help.
ClementsMicheal Clements, Washington.

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