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August 7, 2014

Arizona Farm Bureau Video Takes Aim at Consumer Misconceptions

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A new video produced by the Arizona Farm Bureau, available on YouTube, portrays the truth behind who is growing our food across the nation. Micheal Clements has the story.
ClementsThe Video One Size Does not Fit All by the Arizona Farm Bureau highlights the different sizes and types of farms across the country. Sherry Saylor, an Arizona Farm Bureau leader and member of the American Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee, says regardless of size, they wanted people to know most farms are family owned and operated. She says she suspects many consumers are unaware that 97 percent of farms today are still family farms.
SaylorConsumers have the perception that the farms today are not family owned. It’s just large big business that are running these farms and the actual statistics prove that just the opposite is true. Still the majority of farms in this country whether they’re 5,000 acre’s or 50 acre’s, are owned by families.
ClementsSaylor says the video takes aim at the misconceptions regarding agriculture being big business.
SaylorWe only have 2 percent of us involved in production agriculture anymore and yet we’re producing the food and fiber for our country as well as exporting it. So I think we just wanted to rectify that misconception that this is just big business and that big factory farms are running this country and that’s really not true. There may be larger scale farms but they are still owned and operated by families.
ClementsSaylor hopes consumers understand all agriculture is good agriculture.
SaylorAgriculture reflects the fact that Americans have choice. And whether you want to purchase organic food or conventionally grown products, you have a choice in this county and it’s all good.
ClementsMicheal Clements, Washington.

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