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August 28, 2014

US Awaits Dispute Ruling on India's Poultry Import Ban

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The U.S. awaits translation of the ruling from a World Trade Organization dispute settlement panel in regards to poultry imports to India. In 2012,the United States launched a WTO dispute, claiming India placed an unjustified ban on the import of U.S. poultry and live pigs. India denied there was a ban in place. Micheal Clements has the story.
ClementsThe dispute settlement panel has made their ruling, but it won’t be released publicly until it is translated into different languages. American Farm Bureau Federation economist Veronica Nigh says the United States alleged India banned poultry and live pigs due to an outbreak of a low pathogenic avian influenza in Virginia years earlier.
NighThough India disputed that a ban was actually in place. That ban was put in place even though the U.S. hasn’t had an outbreak of high pathogen avian influenza since 2004. International standards for avian influenza control do not support the imposition of import bans due to detections of low pathogenic avian influenza.
ClementsAmong the products the U.S. claimed were subject to the ban are domestic and wild birds; day-old chicks, ducks and turkey; unprocessed avian meat products; eggs and egg products and live pigs. Over the next few weeks, the ruling by the dispute panel will be translated before release.
NighThat report is going to undergo translation into Spanish and French and will be publicly released as soon as that process is completed. Once the U.S. and India both know the result of the ruling, there are number of things that can happen. One is that the U.S. and India would both agree on the final report findings and work to develop a program to remove the trade barrier that has been alleged.
ClementsIf they don’t agree, the process will continue.
NighThe second option is that one of the two parties, or both, could appeal the ruling and then that would send it back into the dispute settlement process where the case would be reheard and another report would be filed.
ClementsMicheal Clements, Washington.

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