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January 05, 2016

Farm Bureau President Stresses Continued Efforts in Agriculture

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As American Farm Bureau President Bob Stallman prepares to pass the gavel to a new Farm Bureau President, he reflects on the successes of his 16 years as President and looks to the future. Micheal Clements reports.
Clements: The American Farm Bureau Federation will have a new President next week. Current President Bob Stallman, who is retiring from the post after 16 years, says hard work and determination have brought success for farmers, ranchers and the rural economy during his time at Farm Bureau. He says farmers are resilient and must continue to stay ahead of the issues facing agriculture.
Stallman: Well it’s sort of like being on the farm, you know, when you run into a problem, you don’t just wish it away, you get to work and fix it. And that’s the key on staying ahead of these issues that are facing agriculture. We have to get out, be ready to work, work hard, find the solutions and implement them and that doesn’t stop, we have to keep at it.
Clements: Stallman says the fight on issues like the Environmental Protection Agency’s Waters of the U.S. rule must continue.
Stallman: Fought a good fight in 2015, but 2016, we’ve got to continue the fight and I think we can be successful if we just keep our shoulder to the plow so to speak and keep moving forward.
Clements: Reflecting on his time as President of the American Farm Bureau, Stallman says he’s proud of the work done by Farm Bureau, but adds there’s more to go.
Stallman: Well there have been a lot of successes and there have been some areas that we were not successful on. The work we’ve done on tax issues on behalf of farmers and ranchers, we’ve been successful there, not totally. We’ve passed very important trade agreements that were good for American agriculture; we have more to work on. And so I guess the theme is you have successes but you have to move then to the next issue, the next challenge, and continue to achieve successes to keep American agriculture strong.
Clements: Farm Bureau member will elect a new President January 12th during the American Farm Bureau Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida. Micheal Clements, Washington.

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