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January 14, 2016

Farm Bureau Members adopt New Policy

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Farm Bureau members stand against overregulation and support the cotton as an oilseed proposal. Micheal Clements reports.
Clements: During the 97th American Farm Bureau Annual Convention this week, members voted on policy items that guide the organization and what it stands for. Farm Bureau economist Bob Young says the policiesdevelop as a grass root effort.
Young: These are really the marching orders if you will to staff on this what the organization believes in, these are the issues that we want you to work on and the positions that we want you to take and really from the grassroots, drives how the folks in Washington are going to work.
Clements: Farm Bureau members voted to support the cotton as an oilseed proposition that would include cotton in the farm bill safety net programs, Ag Risk Coverage and Price Loss Coverage.
Young: Folks we’rereally worried the cotton prices being the way they are that folks were under severe financial stress and really felt that they needed some form of government assistance to be able to kind-of get through.
Clements: Farm Bureau members continue to stand against overregulation like the Environmental Protection Agencies Waters of the U.S. rule.
Young: The challenge we had with the EPA was that they were actually taking advocacy position. A Federal Agency is supposed to promulgate a proposed rule and then sit back and take comments, not try to take comments. So that was an area that we had some real concerns at and actually generated some new policy on.
Clements: Micheal Clements, Washington.

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