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January 29, 2016

Advocacy Conference Aims to Bring Farming Issues to Capitol Hill

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More than 500 Farm Bureau members and leaders from across the country are traveling to Capitol Hill to learn how to better advocate for agriculture. Jessica Wharton has more.
Wharton: Farm Bureau presidents, staff leaders and committee members will meet at the Farm Bureau Advocacy Conference, February 22 to 25 in Washington, D.C. Jordan Craig, director of grassroots development at Farm Bureau, says the goal of the conference is to help leaders become better advocates for agriculture.
Craig: They can be better advocates by learning how to connect with their congress people, their legislators, learning how to take action on different things, and just keeping up on issues that are important to everyday farm life.
Wharton: The conference features 16 breakout sessions including policy briefings, advocacy training and on-site practice and coaching.
Craig: There is going to be a half-day session with tracks about advocacy and policy briefings and they’ll also get a full day to go meet with their legislators on Capitol Hill.
Wharton: Craig says the conference will prepare participants to advocate issues important to farmers and ranchers.
Craig: We have three main issues that we’re looking to cover. It’s going to be technology, regulatory reform and trade.
Wharton: Farm Bureau leaders can register online at http://flyin.fbadvocacy.org. Jessica Wharton, Washington.

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