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February 9, 2016

Miss America 2016 Promoting Child Nutrition Efforts

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Miss America 2016 is promoting childhood nutrition while staying tied to her agriculture roots in Georgia. Micheal Clements reports.
Clements: Betty Cantrell, Miss America 2016, is working with the American Farm Bureau Federation to promote healthy lifestyles through her Healthy Children, Strong America platform. Cantrell says that understanding where food comes from is the first step in healthy living.
Cantrell: Farm Bureau was the perfect partnership for us to make as far as getting into the schools and really teaching kids about where their food comes from and hopefully getting them to eat a little bit healthier.
Clements: Cantrell grew up on a Georgia farm. She says her platform will promote agriculture while connecting modern farmers with classrooms across America.
Cantrell: Nobody ever sees farmers, they never see all the work that goes in, they just picture Old McDonald. But really there’s so much work and the modern farmer is doing so many things with technology to keep their plants growing and I think that the modern farmer and his family are not appreciated for everything they do.
Clements: She says her program aims to teach children where their food comes from and to build an appreciation for healthy foods that are grown on the farm.
Cantrell: I think if kids learn where their food is coming from and how they can grow their own food and how it’s made, that they’ll appreciate it more and hopefully lean more towards eating that rather than the unhealthy foods that are available.
Clements: Miss America will be attending AFBF’s Young Farmers & Ranchers Leadership Conference on Monday, Feb. 15 promoting her Healthy Children, Strong America platform. Micheal Clements, Washington.

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