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February 24, 2016

Senate Labeling Bill Would Benefit Consumers

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The American Farm Bureau says the Senate GMO labeling bill would benefit consumers and agriculture. Micheal Clements reports.
Clements: The voluntary GMO labeling bill introduced by Senate Agriculture Chairman Pat Roberts of Kansas last week would prevent a patchwork of state laws and avoid the stigmatism of a mandatory label, the American Farm Bureau Federation says. Farm Bureau’s Andrew Walmsley adds this bill will benefit both farmers and consumers.
Walmsley: We’re pleased that Senator Roberts has introduced a proposal that creates the framework for our federal voluntary labeling program that will provide some consistency to consumers while protecting interstate commerce.
Clements: Without a federal standard for GMO labeling, laws like the one in Vermont, which is set to take effect in July, would create patchwork of state laws harmful to agriculture. Further, a recent study says mandatory labeling would cost an average U.S. family an extra $1,100 a year.
Walmsley: So we really need Congress to act to make sure that we are protecting how labeling should work in this country, that we’re not complicating the supply chain that’s very important for providing affordable food and choice to consumers today.
Clements: Walmsley says Farm Bureau wants to make sure consumers have the information they want without stigmatizing the product.
Walmsley: We encourage Senators to support the Roberts’ proposal and get it through the Senate and back through the House and onto the President’s desk before we really make a mess of ag innovation and moving affordable food choices into the marketplace.
Clements: Micheal Clements, Washington.

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