New Wildfire Relief Fund Helps Beginning and Young Farmers and Ranchers

Podcast / Newsline Mar 28th, 2017

Credit: Texas Farm Bureau 

A donation by Monsanto  will help beginning and young farmers rebuild following devastating wildfires in four states. Micheal Clements has more.

Clements: The American Farm Bureau Federation expresses its appreciation to Monsanto for its generous wildfire relief donation to be shared equally among Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas Farm Bureaus. $50,000 of the $200,000 donation is earmarked for the Young Farmer & Rancher Wildfire Relief Fund in place to help beginning and young farmers and ranchers in the four affected states. AFBF Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee Chair Kalena Bruce says any beginning or young farmer or rancher impacted by the fires can qualify for the relief fund.

Bruce: Monsanto graciously gave us a $50,000 donation to go to beginning and young farmer relief for the wildfires and so we have set up a separate fund specifically that covers the four states. Those that will be eligible for these funds will be all beginning and young farmers. You don’t have to be a Farm Bureau member to qualify. That application process isn’t quite finalized yet, and we’ll have that available for people in the next two weeks.

Clements: Bruce says the funding will help young farmers and ranchers stay in agriculture and rebuild their farms.

Bruce: If you get wiped out all at once it’s really easy to just say, well, maybe farming’s just not for us and let’s move on. And we really want to encourage those young farmers, beginning farmers, to stay within our industry and to rebuild.

Clements: Those in the path of the wildfires lost everything, and Bruce says the funding will address immediate and long-term needs.

Bruce: Right now, they need hay and fencing supplies, milk replacer for the thousands of orphan calves. They’ve lost everything, their clothes, pots and pans, everything. And so, there’s an immediate need to help them with those necessities, but then just long term as well. All the fence that has to be rebuilt, all of the animals that have be repurchased or raised, it is a long-term process of rebuilding for them.

Clements: Bruce says the donation by Monsanto will ensure a vibrant future for farmers and ranchers in the affected areas.

Bruce: We want to thank Monsanto again for all that they have done for wildfire relief and especially for the beginning and young farmers and ranchers. The $50,000 donation that they have given will go to rebuild and ensure that agriculture is strong in the future.

Clements: Micheal Clements, Washington.

Shiloh Perry
Communications Assistant, AFBF

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