PAL - Partners in Agricultural Leadership

Building strong advocates

Credit: AFBF 

The Partners in Agricultural Leadership (PAL) program is a two-year, intensive training that equips agricultural leaders with executive-level skills to become effective advocates in their communities, agricultural organizations and in government.The curriculum is designed to provide participants with skills and knowledge, learning through real-life experiences, to represent agriculture when opportunities arise in the media, on speaking circuits or in testimonial areas. Program graduates may be best described as "advocates for agriculture" – stepping forward and promoting awareness about issues important to those in the farm-to-consumer food chain. 

Being a PAL member has been a process of self-discovery. It's been a lot of looking inside, seeing who I am as a leader and trying to figure out how I can be even better than I am now.
—  PAL Graduate

The PAL program focuses on taking young farmers and ranchers – age 30 to 45 – who have already begun their personal development journey and moving them to the next level.

PAL graduates emerge with the expertise and confidence – in everything from legislative policy-making and issues management to social media and media relations – to effectively engage all critical stakeholders.

Each state may submit one applicant and they will be evaluated on their knowledge of agriculture issues, desire to engage with the public and advocate for agriculture, and the extent to which they offer leadership potential for agriculture’s future. A panel of qualified judges will evaluate all qualified applicants, interview a group of finalists and select the candidates for PAL enrollment. For more information about the rules or application click below or email

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