Impact of COVID-19 on Agriculture

The Next COVID Legislation must help farmers and ranchers. Take Action Now!

The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt an enormous blow to farmers and ranchers across the country. In nearly every sector – dairy, livestock, produce, horticulture – producers have seen their markets shrink overnight or even disappear, while supply chains have been stretched to the limit in response to this emergency.

Farm Bureau is committed to doing all we can for the economic health of farmers and ranchers, and the entire agricultural sector, as the nation fights this pandemic.

The federal response to COVID-19 will require ongoing action to adequately address the needs of millions of Americans in crisis. Farmers and ranchers must not be left out.

Right now, the Senate is working on what may prove to be the final piece of legislation related to the pandemic.  We are thoroughly engaged to make sure that this proposal helps America’s farmers and ranchers.  Your Senators are hearing from other constituents and affected interests.  Let’s make sure they hear from you now.

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