ENERGY: Don’t Mess with the Renewable Fuel Standard!

The White House soon may decide to cap the price of Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs). RINs are the market mechanism that drives biofuels blending. Any cap on RINs or other manipulation would disrupt the market mechanism and diminish the related incentive to blend biofuels. The RINs system allows the RFS to function as Congress intended.

We need you to tell President Trump that we have a better proposal: lift summertime restrictions on the sales of 15 percent ethanol blends. This minor change would support growth on all sides, generate a new supply of RINs, and ease pressure on refiners. But this proposal holds no value if it becomes tied to destructive RIN caps that eliminate market access for biofuels. 

Take action today! We need your messages to help an industry vital to farmers and ranchers, and rural America's economic strength.

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