RURAL BROADBAND: Ask Congress to support rural communities with improved broadband coverage.

Rural broadband is a critical pathway to global markets for agriculture and other industries. Farmers and ranchers depend on broadband just as they do highways, railways and waterways.

Rural broadband is essential to modern agriculture. Yet 26.4% of rural Americans lack access to fixed broadband. Another 29% of U.S. farms have no internet access. Precision agriculture requires mobile broadband coverage, which allows farmers to be more efficient, economical and environmentally responsible

The bipartisan Broadband Data Improvement Act:

  • Improves the accuracy of broadband coverage maps and better directs federal funds for broadband buildout.
  • Corrects the current method of gathering data by requiring broadband providers to report data to create an improved National Broadband Map that is significantly more accurate, granular and transparent.

Due to limited funding and an overabundance of need, current broadband maps fall short in serving rural America. More granular and accurate maps are critical to successfully target and distribute federal broadband programs to help rural communities and the farmers and ranchers in these areas.

American farms, ranches and rural communities need improved broadband to support our jobs and families. Ask Congress to support the Broadband Data Improvement Act!

Learn more here about the issue here: Rural Broadband

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