Lawmakers need to hear about the challenges you face so we can push for solutions that will help everyone in agriculture. 

We know that the trade war is hurting America's farms and ranches.  If you’ve been affected by the financial effects of the trade war or other problems that have made it difficult or impossible to continue to run your farm or ranch, please share your story.

You can add your voice in support of fair trade by emphasizing these key points:

  • Trade is critical to U.S. agriculture and the success of my farm or ranch.
  • Our emphasis continues to be on trade and restoring markets.
  • We need a swift and sure end to the trade war and the tariffs impacting American agriculture.

Be sure to add key sound bites (3 to 7 words) and economic numbers, such as dollars, bushels, livedtock, inputs, etc  

Your personal stories will help us as we work with the administration and Congress to maintain and expand export opportunities for agriculture.  

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