Impact of COVID-19 on Agriculture

SHARE YOUR STORY: COVID-19 Impacts on your Farm

There’s never been a more important time to tell America your story. Farmers and ranchers are working overtime – and many don’t know where the money will come from to sustain their operations.   As the AFBF 2020 Convention theme states – we’re Stronger Together!  We are the voice of American agriculture – so help us speak out.  

Tell us your story.  America needs to hear it.  Do you depend on a farmers’ market and it closed?  Did the workers you expect not come?  Did your seed, fertilizer or pesticides not make it to the farm?  Did the credit you depend on not materialize?  Did your supply chain get disrupted?  Did your customers affect you’re your ability to sell your product?  Are the health facilities in your rural community affected?  What has happened to you, your family, your operation in the last few weeks? 

Help us get the word out – to the President and Congress that they must be there for us.  Soon, USDA will be implementing the coronavirus relief package.  We need to know how it is helping – and more importantly, how it is not so that we can get relief to those who need it most. 

The best and surest way of doing this is  by telling policymakers  what is happening today on America’s farms and ranches.  America expects farmers and ranchers to keep planting, harvesting and raising the affordable food that’s vital to every American.  They need to hear our stories!  And if you have video, that’s even better.  

If you’ve been affected by this crisis or other problems that have made it difficult or impossible to continue to run your farm or ranch, please share your story.

Your personal stories will ensure there are sufficient resources to assist farmers, ranchers, rural communities and those in need in these very trying times.

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