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AG LABOR: Last, Critical Chance to Pass Bill is Now!

Farmers and ranchers have long needed a legal, reliable and skilled workforce.  AFBF has been calling on Congress to pass legislation on this issue for decades. 

Now, we have a bill introduced that addresses our concerns.  That's the good news.  The not-so-good news is we have only a few weeks to make it a reality – and we need you to do it!

H.R. 6417 addresses many of our ag labor and immigration reform issues.  

The labor shortage in agriculture is acute and only getting worse.   This must be fixed by Congress.  The Speaker of the House has said he will schedule this bill for a vote in September if enough members show their support.  The bill already has over 80 cosponsors, but more are needed, as well as commitments from members that they will vote for the bill in September.  If this bill fails, the likelihood of ag labor and immigration reform in the next several years is bleak.  We need your help NOW!

If the House fails to pass legislation, the issue will be dead – not just for this Congress but possibly for years.  That outcome is unacceptable.  Farmers and ranchers need a solution and Congress needs to act.

Click here for Farm Bureau’s immigration reform policy and learn more.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR MESSAGE:  If your representative is on the target list, they will get the message to support H.R. 6417.  Complete your information in the boxes below.  This is required information to send a message to your representative.  Click “TAKE ACTION NOW” to send your message.

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