TRADE: Proposed Tariffs Mounting Between US and China – Agriculture Caught in the Crosshairs.

U.S. Trade Representative opens public comment period on trade dispute with China.  Now is the time to tell the USTR to negotiate a better deal for America’s farmers and ranchers! 

American farmers and ranchers are already facing low commodity prices and the uncertainty of a ‘trade war’ drives prices even lower hurting farmers and ranchers and rural communities.  Commodity prices will fall as both sides ratchet the trade dispute upward.

China continues to add more agricultural products to its target list which includes beef, cotton, pork, nuts and soybeans to receive tariffs up to 25 percent.  Soybeans and cotton are our top two ag exports to China.

Tell our Trade Representative to negotiate on behalf of America’s farmers and ranchers to reduce tariffs and to open markets for our products!

Comments are being accepted through May 11 and we need your voice to make sure Farm Bureau members are heard loud and clear in the process.

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