Impact of COVID-19 on Agriculture

iFarmiVote Election Toolkit and Voter Pledge

Our iFarmiVote election toolkit gives you all the information you need before voting, including access to your voting status, polling place, absentee ballots and to learn more about the candidates. Due to the pandemic there are a lot of changes happening to how voting will take place. This toolkit has an entire team dedicated to keep up with changes happening state-by-state and county-by-county so that no one will be unsure of how to cast your ballot.

While you’re here, pledge to vote in 2020. By taking the pledge, you are demonstrating how Farm Bureau members are civically engaged. When they take the pledge, a pindrop will be added to your location on a map of the United States to visually show the strength of the Farm Bureau family. Be sure to add your name and pin!

Take the Pledge

Farm Bureau members take pride in exercising this important and vital right. Your vote has an impact for your nation, your state and your community. Take this step to show others that your voice will be heard.

Pledge to be a voter in the 2020 election by adding your name below.

Click here to view the map of pledges. 

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