WOTUS: Your Comments Needed to Help EPA DITCH the RULE!

On June 27, 2017, EPA proposed to do what we’ve wanted for years—DITCH the RULE!

Farmers and ranchers support clean water and work hard to protect our natural resources. But the WOTUS rule had more to do with land than water. It was a land grab, pure and simple, that:

  • Created a huge regulatory burden for farmers, ranchers, and others who depend on their ability to work the land;
  • Increased costs for farmers, ranchers and others; and 
  • Produced confusion and uncertainty.

Did you know that the rule has never been implemented because it was halted by both a federal district court and a federal court of appeals? But those court orders are only temporary. EPA’s current proposal would eliminate the 2015 WOTUS rule permanently, while the agency goes back to the drawing board to develop a WOTUS definition that protects water quality without asserting federal regulatory power over puddles in farm fields.  

But ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVIST GROUPS desperately want to preserve the 2015 land grab. Predictably, they are gearing-up their fundraising and mass-comment campaign to stop EPA from Ditching the Rule! You know what they are saying: withdrawal of the rule will harm water quality. False! It will only eliminate the largest federal land grab of our time. 

We cannot let the voice of the opposition drown out the voice of reason.

We need you to send your comments to EPA to support the repeal of the illegal 2015 WOTUS rule.

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