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2019 Farm Bureau County Leader Week

April 1 - 5, 2019

Credit: AFBF 

County Leader Week is a dedicated week full of online engagement opportunities to foster the development of county leaders. This event will include Facebook live interviews, podcasts, and opportunities to connect with county leaders and staff from across the country. Find your closest internet connection and join the conversation!  

Tentative Schedule

Tune in to American Farm Bureau Federation’s Facebook page each day at 1PM ET to join the conversation.

Being a Board Member
Hosted by: President Zippy Duvall and Executive Vice President Dale Moore

Hosted by: Mary Pat Weyback, Deputy General Counsel and Amy Gill, Director, Legal Services

Hosted by: Margee Wolff, Vice President of Leadership, Education, & Engagement and Maggie Good, Assistant Director, Member Engagement

Advocacy & Policy Development
Hosted by: Randy Dwyer, Director, Advocacy & Grassroots Development and Veronica Nigh, Economist

The Membership Cycle
Hosted by: Robin Kinney, Senior Director, Member Engagement


In addition to promoting healthy and skilled county boards, members and staff who participate in the online engagement activities will be eligible to receive Thank You gifts that range from professional development resources to donations to County Farm Bureaus of your choice, or even a phone call from President Duvall!

Get Started

To prepare for County Leader Week, sign up for Board Essentials on Farm Bureau University and make sure to “like” American Farm Bureau Federation on Facebook for updates.

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