2021 Farm Bureau County Leader Week

April 19-23, 2021

Credit: AFBF Photo / Philip Gerlach 

County Leader Week

County Leader Week provides an opportunity for Farm Bureau’s grassroots leaders to strengthen the organization by investing in leadership development and celebrate the spirit of volunteerism that drives Farm Bureau. Each day, participants will focus on a topic designed to help them grow as county leaders, in coordination with the programming hosted on Farm Bureau University Board Essentials.

Thank you all who joined us for the activities during the week. We look forward to County Leader Week in 2022!

Monday, April 19 – Being a Board Member

Serving as a board member in Farm Bureau is much more than attending meetings and reading agendas. Farm Bureau board members are community leaders. One way county leaders engage with the community is through agricultural education engagements. A new one-page Ag Fact Guide is available for leaders to use whether it is at a local event, or in the grocery store to engage with their community.  

Tuesday, April 20 – Governance

What does it take to truly lead a County Farm Bureau? Join this Zoom meeting where AFBF Director of Organization and Leadership Training Jordan Henry and AFBF Vice President Scott VanderWal discuss the nuances of governing in Farm Bureau and will be taking questions.

2021CLWGovernance from American Farm Bureau on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 21 – Planning

The sky is the limit when it comes to events and activities, we can do in our county Farm Bureau, but where should we put our focus? The Leadership Development team has an easy-to-use guide that can help plan out your year of activities and events as well as a have a brainstorming session to think of new ideas to add. 

Thursday, April 22 – Advocacy & Policy Development

Farm Bureau is an advocacy leader for American agriculture. Time and time again, we have made a mark on American history because farmers and ranchers like you saw a need and took action – either through the policy development process or by direct engagement with elected officials. The Political Advocacy Skill Builder module walks you through every step of having a meeting with an elected official to make sure that your message gets noticed. Check out the module on Farm Bureau University in the Advocacy Program.

Friday, April 23 – The Membership Cycle

The benefits of Farm Bureau membership do not end with the meal at annual meeting! During the Zoom meeting, AFBF Director of Media and Advocacy Training Johnna Miller will discuss the membership cycle and the life-long benefits of being a member with Zach Hunnicutt from Nebraska and Cassie Lyman from Arizona. After listening to their conversation, you’ll be better equipped to field questions from potential and current members alike about the “why” of Farm Bureau and who should be involved.

2021 County Leader Week - The Membership Cycle from American Farm Bureau on Vimeo.

County Leader Week - $250 drawing

Register for the Zoom Webinar on Friday, April 23rd at 1 p.m. ET to be entered into a drawing to win $250 for a county Farm Bureau of your choosing. AFBF will draw five winners, which means you have five chances to win big!

Please note: You must register for this webinar before it takes place to be entered into the $250 drawing for a county Farm Bureau.

The “Thank You” gift winners who were randomly picked from those who registered for the webinars and receiving a $250 donation to their County Farm Bureau are:

  • Stewart Ramsey, New Castle County Farm Bureau, DE
  • Bryan Moes, Codington-Hamlin County Farm Bureau, SD
  • Cindy Durheim, Pine County Farm Bureau, MN
  • Starla Young, Seward County Farm Bureau, KS
  • Dustin Johnson, San Juan County Farm Bureau, NM

Get Started

Any member can register for Farm Bureau University for free at university.fb.org. New users need to register for an account using the member code for their state. The member code is “statefb” replacing state with the two-letter postal abbreviation. For example, a New York Farm Bureau member’s code is “nyfb.”

For More Information

Contact: jordanh@fb.org

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