Farm Bill Resources On The Fly

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Farm Bill on the Fly are 1-2 minute videos developed by members of the Farm Bill Working Group intended to be used in small group meetings to spur debate on various issues.


An 8 minute Overview of the Budget Issues for the Upcoming Farm Bill Debate

Farm Bill on the Fly: Mary Kay Thatcher

Learn More about Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC)

Brandy Carroll of the Arkansas Farm Bureau talks about Cotton eligibility.

Leran more about Commodity Program Provisions

Josh Rolph talks about specialty crops and the 2018 Farm Bill.
Learn more about specialty crops

Jordan Dux of the Nebraska Farm Bureau talks about Farm savings accounts.
Learn more about Commodity Program Provisions

The 2014 Farm Bill introduced a new safety net for dairy producers called the Margin Protection Program. This webinar provides an overview of the program and reviews the opportunities and budget challenges for improving MPP in the next Farm Bill.

Learn More about Dairy Issues

Kyle McCann of the Louisiana Farm Bureau talks about active engagement rules around eligibility requirements.
Learn More about Commodity Program Provisions

Ryan Flickner - Crop Insurance Farm Bill on the Fly
Learn More about Crop Insurance

John Newton Farm Bill on The Fly
Learn More about Livestock Issues

Kristina Watson  of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau talks about dairy programs and the Farm Bill.
Learn More about Dairy programs

Farm Bill On the Fly - Garrett Hawkins

Dave Miller of Iowa Farm Bureau talks about ARC

Learn Moare about Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC)

Rhedona Rose Farm Bill on the Fly

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