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Farm programs are written to provide a basic level of risk protection to help offset bad economic times and severe weather. No one buys insurance for the good times, and similarly, farm bill programs provide critical tools to help farmers and ranchers manage risk. As farmers and ranchers prepare for the development of the 2018 farm bill, Farm Bureau is leading the way in moving the discussion forward and providing resources that address the relevant issues.

Myths and Facts about Farmers and Farm Policy
Farmers and ranchers represent less than two percent of the population in the U.S.  As the population is further removed from being raised on a farm or having relatives and friends that grew up on farms, the misunderstandings and misconceptions about agriculture and ag policy flourishes.  Farm Bureau’s Farm Bill Working Group intends to put out a chart each week for the remainder of the year to help our members and state Farm Bureaus dispel some of those misunderstandings.

Crop Insurance Myths and Facts
Farm Bureau is an active member of a coalition of farm and commodity groups, crop insurance companies, lenders, and crop insurance agents that work jointly on protecting crop insurance.  The following fact sheets are products of that coalition.

Farm Bill Will Offer Support for All Citizens
Dale Moore, Vice President of Public Affairs at the American Farm Bureau Federation talks about how the Farm Bill is important to all Americans, not just farmers.
-The Environmental Forum (2017, May)

Farm Bill Position Papers
Papers outlining Farm Bureau’s  positions on a variety of issues for the upcoming farm bill debate.

Background Papers on Various Farm Bill Topics
This section provides additional background papers developed by USDA, the Congressional Research Service an others that may be useful for those interested in a more in-depth look at various programs and  ideas.

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